What is intended by internal organizational analysis

Analysis of the marketing medium in the example of the organization. Analysis of the company's marketing environment in the example of EVA LLC

In the marketing environment, a direct marketing activity of the company is carried out, encompassing the variety of relationships consisting of marketing services with other elements of the marketing environment.

Marketing environment is there Outsideand Inside.

The external belongs to all phenomena and factors that are not included in the company, but affect its work. Separate micro and macros. Microsudges are relationships too suppliers, intermediaries., and also customers, competitors.and Contact the audience.

The macro industry includes factors demographic(Fertility dynamics, mortality rate, numerical composition of the individual age groups, etc.), economically. (Occupancy of the population), of course, politically. (Laws for entrepreneurs that protect consumers from unscrupulous entrepreneurs), technicallyand cultural nature.

The internal environment is the potential of the company, its general production and domestic market reserves.

The main funds of the company, staff (its composition and qualifications), the company's financial skills, the use of various technologies, the company's image - all this includes an internal marketing environment.

The characteristics and identification of the marketing functions is the most important part of the marketing environment. They depend on the level of the company's specific marketing service and the experience and qualifications of the workforce.

Understanding the competition, business in which the company works, developing an effective strategy, adopting correct tactical solutions - all this ensures the analysis of the marketing environment.

The adoption of inappropriate decisions, passive reaction to market changes, inconsistent decisions, late in the introduction of innovations and, as a result, the company's market vulnerability - these are the consequences of ignoring the marketing environmental analysis step.

There are a number of factors that affect the company's efficiency:

Controlled The company is recognized by the activities of the management staff: its leadership and marketing service.

Uncontrollable by the company - related to suppliers, competitors, consumers and contact persons.

When combined, these factors form a general marketing strategy:


In order to gather a sufficient amount of information, marketers look to various methods of analyzing the marketing environment. It can be interviewed or written. The survey helps to find out public opinion about the product or service. This is a very popular research method because it does not require a high cost and effort. There is also an observation that happens either in the field or in the laboratory.

There are methods like pest analysis and SWOT analysis.

  1. You want to leave competitors behind you.
  2. You want to conquer the market and maybe even no one or two cream in the form of high profits and lots of customers!
  3. You want to improve the efficiency of the company's administration.
  4. With us you can move the part of your concern (outsourcing).
  5. We are with you!
  6. You won't be scared of the cost of our services.
  7. We have no customer classification into small and large. We are equally attentive to the needs of legal persons and individuals.

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1. The concept of the company's marketing environment

1.1 Marketing environmental company, its essence and main characteristics

2. Analysis of the company's marketing environment in the example of the PC "company" Kyzyl-Mai "

2.1 The characteristics of the company

2.3 Conducting SWOT Analysis



List of sources used



Relevance of the topic. Modern world is considered to be the world of most different organizations. Which are "a set of people, groups in order to achieve any goal, solve the problem on the basis of the principles of division of labor, duties and tasks to be hierarchical structure" organizations created to meet the diverse needs of people, and therefore have the most varied of appointment, dimensions, structure and other characteristics. In the modern market economy, companies make their own decisions, which previously raised the privilege of higher executive bodies. You set goals and tasks independently, develop strategies and guidelines. Its development, seeks the funds necessary for its implementation, the workers, the workers, acquiring equipment and materials, acquiring many structural subjects, etc., but rather a holistic structured system and having all the characteristics of independence that is characteristic of work in market conditions every organization (company, company) is at the same time part of a more complex and dynamic system. We're talking about the company's marketing environment.

The company's marketing environment is a combination of active actors and forces operating in the organization and affects the ability of marketing services to work successfully with customers. The marketing medium is understood to mean anything outside the outer boundaries and structure of the organization, but it has a noticeable impact on the level of its functions.

As a variable, imposing restrictions and complete uncertainty, the marketing environment deeply affects the life of the company. Marketing media drivers are a combination of "non-controls", including businesses, and should develop their marketing complexes.

Therefore, the company must closely monitor all changes in the medium while doing market research, and provide the opportunity to collect external current marketing information.

The marketing research is a systematic determination of the in connection with the marketing situation of the company, its investigation, analysis and result report, which is necessary in connection with the marketing situation. The system of external up-to-date marketing information collection is a set of sources and methodological techniques through which executives receive daily information about events that occur in a commercial setting.

In recent years, in connection with the development of market relations, there has been a significant increase in the interest in marketing related to the concept of market management. After you become aware of the management of the company, which under the market conditions, it is impossible to manage the company on the basis of the previous principles, it starts the operation of the company, the concept of marketing as a philosophy and a set of practical techniques for use corporate management in terms of market relations.

If you act in a difficult, changeable marketing environment, every company, it is necessary to produce and offer something for a certain group of consumers with a valuable meaning. Through the exchange, the company continues its revenues and resources to continue existence. The company must be sure that its goals and the retail range are always relevant to a particular market. Vigilant companies periodically revise their target, strategic and tactical installations. They rely on marketing as a great integrated tool for monitoring the market and adapting to the changes that arise. Marketing is not just advertising and government activities by sellers. Rather, this is a more comprehensive adjustment process to utilize the most profitable of opening market opportunities.

Consequently, the relevance of this topic is indisputable at all times and in relation to any organization. Since for any organization the development and implementation of an effective activity strategy is only possible by taking into account the fact that it is at the same time part of a complex and dynamic marketing environment with which it constantly and continuously interacts throughout its activity. And only well, after examining the mechanism of this interaction, can the organization plan its activities long-term, timely and appropriately to respond to changes to changes that occur in an external marketing environment.

The subject of this diploma thesis is the analysis of the company's marketing environment.

The goal of the final research is PC "company" Kyzyl-Mai ".

The purpose of the thesis is to study the theoretical aspects of the company's marketing environment, analyze the current state and develop the instructions of improving the company's marketing environment using the example of the PC "Kyzyl-Mai".

Consider the essence and main features of the company's marketing environment;

Carrying out the analysis of the PC's marketing environment "Kyzyl-Mai" company;

Methodological research base. When writing his thesis, I use the works of V.V. Vinokurova "Organization of strategic management in the company", L.G. Zaitseva and m.n. Sokolova "Strategic Management", Basovsky l.e. Marketing: a course of lectures and internal documentation of the PC "company" Kyzyl-Mai ".

Structure of work. This thesis consists of the introduction, two chapters, conclusion, glossary, a list of sources and applications used.

1. The concept of the company's marketing environment 1.1 The company's marketing environment, its essence and main characteristics

As one scientist remarked, "The environment of the organization is the universe of elements." Universe of elements "means not only a large number of their number, but also their unity in a complex system of which the organization is part. Of course, the level is the Controllability of the organization of the higher, the more freedom of choice of desires, without violating the organization's complex system. Freedom of choice is determined by the level of knowledge about the opening of possibilities in the external environment and the ability, the ability to use these possibilities through the potential of the organization embody, ie the readiness of his inner media.

The company's results are largely determined by its marketing environment. Hence the knowledge of this environment and the ability to react to its changes and the effects on the internal structures of the company. Changes in the external environment affect the performance of the organization. The effects of these changes are subject to the goals, strategies and mission of the organization. Therefore the urgent task manuals ensure the adequacy of the environmental strategy of the organization. The management should have a clear idea, in the strategic situation the organization is at this moment.

The organization's marketing environment is a combination of active actors and forces operating outside the company, and it interferes with the ability to manage the marketing service to establish and maintain the relationship of successful collaboration with targeted customers.

The main characteristics of the marketing medium are:

1) The interrelated environmental factors is the power of the force with which the change in one factor affects other factors of the external environment. Just as a change in internal variables can affect others, the change in one environmental factor can determine the change in others. The relationships and the vector influence of external environmental factors are often very difficult to predict. Changes that are too positive for the company can sometimes lead to seemingly negative changes. So, when in 2003 the government of the Russian Federation introduced the offer of importing chicken under the influence of the lobby, Russian owners The Poultry Farm, for market leaders - the "Soyuzter Agreement" and "OptiFF", not only did not cause losses, but turned out to be very profitable . Over the course of the year, the industry declined in the industry as small businesses insisting on dumping policies minimized business and the overall win rate rose from 5% to 15%.

The fact of being connected is particularly important for the global market. The globalization of the economy is transforming the organization's environment into a rapidly changing one. Managers can no longer consider external factors. New information technology and communication combine individual countries into a single consumer information space.

As a result, characteristic properties The consideration of the external environment of environmental factors cannot be made in isolation, but only in relationships with others and taking into account the dynamics of their changes.

2) The complexity of the marketing environment - the number of factors for which the production system is required to respond in order to survive, as well as the level of variations of each factor. According to Duncan, the complexity of the external environment is expressed in terms of the amount and variety of its characteristics that should be considered when making decisions.

If you take into account the number of external factors that the organization is forced to respond to when government decisions are applied, frequent renewals of contracts with unions, multiple interested influencing groups, numerous competitors and accelerated technological changes, it can be argued that this organization is changing is in a more complex environment than, for example, an organization dealing with the actions of just a few suppliers in the absence of unions and slow changes in movement, for example. Similarly, when it comes to a variety of factors, an organization that uses few source materials, multiple professionals and leaders that few companies in their country use should consider the conditions to ensure less complex than the organization, that these parameters are different. In relation to the variety of factors in more difficult conditions, an organization is organized by different and diverse technologies which have undergone faster development than the organization which is not affected by all of this.

3) Mobility (or dynamic) - the rate at which changes are surrounded by the organization. The rate of the medium differs significantly in different organizations. Child carries 3 characteristics with which you can estimate the variability of the external environment: the frequency, the value and the regularity of the changes in its factors.

Many researchers give the environment to modern organizations. varies with increasing speed. Despite the fact that this trend is common, there are organizations around which the external environment is particularly mobile. The fastest changes in the external environment are believed to be primarily addressed by such industries as pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic, aerospace, computing, biotechnology, and telecommunications.

Changes in these industries are so rapid that expert development predictions are unrealistic even 5-7 years. In 1997, research and design of communication structures predicted that mobile communication will be used in Russia by the end of 2005, 40.8 million people. In 2005, 102.4 million subscribers were registered in August. In 1995, in an interview with entrepreneur Ecark Magnetics (Emtec Magnetics), argued that VHS will remain the most popular video standard for the next 10 years. In 2003 the sales quota of DVD / VHS cassettes was 4/1. Adobe Corporation has been releasing a new version of its main software product and several additional packages with backgrounds, filters, and additional utilities annually for the past five years, while the first versions of Photoshop have been released every 2-3 years. The Latest Models of Cell Phones - Smartphones are an amazing hybrid computer and telecommunications tool that is capable of entering the Internet.

In the above, firms are primarily influenced by such factors as changes in technology and competitive methods. Less noticeable changes in the external environment occur in mechanical engineering, automotive spare parts, confectionery, furniture, the manufacture of containers and packaging materials, food indices.

In addition, the mobility of the external environment may be higher for some units of the organization and below for others. In many companies, for example, in many companies, the research and development department has a high average mobility, since it has to pursue all technological innovations.On the other hand, the production department can be immersed in a relatively slow changing medium characterized by stable material movements and labor resources. At the same time, when the production capacity is scattered in different countries in the world or the initial resources are from abroad, manufacturing process It can be under a high orientation. Given the ability to function in a high alignment environment, the organization or its division should rely on more diverse information to make effective decisions about its internal variables. This makes decisions to make a more difficult process.

4) The uncertainty of the marketing medium is a function depending on the amount of information a company has about a certain factor of the external environment as well as the function of confidence in the accuracy of the information available. When there is little information or doubts about its accuracy, the environment becomes more unsafe than when adequate information is present and there is reason to consider it highly. As business becomes increasingly global, more information is required but confidence in its accuracy is reduced. Thus, the more unpayable the external environment, the more difficult to take effective solutions.

The effective activities of the organization assume that the manager has the skills of work in the conditions of uncertainty of the external environment, the lack of sufficient information to accurately predict the dynamics of consumer needs and changes in external factors. When the speed of change increases, the organization faces a fairly high level of uncertainty. As a result of the organization, it is necessary to adapt to rapid changes as quickly as possible, but requires considerable effort, both temporary and financial.

1.2 Marketing environment factors in the immediate vicinity

The company's marketing environment is shown in Figure 1:


Economic forces

Demographic political political

factors factors


Social natural

factors intermediary competition factors

Scientific and technical international

factors factors


Picture 1 - Marketing Wednesday

As a result, the marketing medium is heterogeneous and differentiated in terms of stability, periodicity, and the influence of the organization. It can be distinguished by an indirect effect environment (macro burst or macro) and a direct impact environment (micro environment or micro environment).

The marketing medium of the immediate environment comprises that part of the external environment with which the organization has a specific and direct interaction. This combination of factors that directly affect the operation of the organization and experience the organization's direct impact on the organization. The focus of attention is consumers, suppliers, intermediaries and competitors.

Consider the influence of these factors.

Consumers are one of the most important environmental factors in the company's immediate vicinity. The famous specialist in the management of Peter F. Drucker speaks of the goal of the organization, allotted that the only real goal of the business is to create a consumer. The following is understood: self-management and justification of the existence of the organization depends on the ability to find the consumer of the results of its activities and to meet his requests. The primary goal of the company should therefore be to aim to identify consumers, as consumers are precisely recognized to significantly affect the sales, profits and existence of an organization in the long term. All the various external factors are reflected in the consumer and influence the organization, its goals and strategy. The need to meet consumer needs affects how the organization interacts with materials and labor resources.

Effective firms succeeded mainly not because of their merchandise or research orientation, but because of the fact that they are always consumer focused. It is the constant search for ways to apply the technical knowledge in order to satisfy consumers, declaring numerous good luck new products.

The change in consumer tastes and priorities causes many problems in the organization that previously focused their production to meet their needs. The organization should carefully focus on changing the needs and abilities of consumers on the timely restructuring of production and product sales.

Suppliers are companies and individuals who participate in the physical and technical supply process. production activities company and provision of its material resources necessary for the production of specific goods and services. Supplier products occupy an important place in the production of goods in this branch (company). Suppliers provide an organization with components, semi-finished products, spare parts, raw materials, materials, workforce, fuel and energy, various types of services necessary for the organization of production and product sales. Marketing managers should closely monitor the prices and quality of supplies, since the quality of the goods, services and raw materials supplied, their prices, delivery volumes, contractual terms significantly affect the final product output and are reflected in the company's commercial turnover.

Intermediaries are companies that contribute to companies in the promotion, marketing and distribution of its goods to customers who provide trading, transportation, financial and marketing services. These include trade intermediaries, business organizers, rendering agencies, marketing services, and credit and financial institutions.

Among the numerous relationships of the economic environment, which affects the type of business economy, the most important is competition. In the context of the competitive landscape, the company understands the combination of issues and market factors that affect the relationship between the manufacturer (seller) and the product consumer. Competition is considered an effective means of self-regulation of the economy, the development of industries, since you can coordinate the individual efforts of market subjects. The competition ensures that the company lowers production costs, improves product quality while reducing the price level or the slight increase, increasing the product supply, ensuring the guarantee and after-sales service, ensuring sales, improving sales, etc. .

Every company finds many different competitors:

the desires of the competitors, that is, the desires the consumer wishes to satisfy rather than acquire the company's product;

commodity-generic competitors, that is, other major ways of fulfilling a specific need (for example: getting to another city if necessary, you can choose different modes of transport: airplanes, train, bus, etc.);

commodity types competitors are a variety of one and the same commodity that can meet the specific desire of the buyer to give preference (for example: when buying washing machine, you can choose a car with drying or without drying, etc.);

Competitors are different brands of the same goods that can satisfy buyer's request.

Each of the organizations that carry out activities strive to strengthen and expand their position in the market. Product quality, prices, design, warranty, value-added benefits, advertising, etc. - all these tools that organizations resort to in this struggle. This or that success is determined by the organization with competitive advantages.

The study of the competitors with whom the organization has to compete for the resources derived from the external environment occupies an important place in a strategic management. This study aims to uncover weaknesses and strengths of competitors, and based on this competitive strategy.

Therefore, we came to the conclusion that direct impact factors are the company's decision-making in the field of economic activity. The direct impact medium is also referred to as the direct business environment of the organization or the task environment.

1.3 Marketing Environment Factors of Indirect Influence

The company and its suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customers, competitors and contact audiences function within the framework of the forces of larger macros, which either open up new possibilities or threaten the company with new dangers. These forces are not controlled by the steering factor followed by what the company should closely monitor and respond to. MacroShedral is made up of six main drivers: demographic, economic, political, scientific and technical, natural and sociocultural environments.

The factors of the indirect effect environment or the overall environment of the external environment usually do not affect the organization, which also the factors of direct effect is felt. However, management needs to be considered.

The indirect effect marketing environment is typically more complicated than the direct impact environment. Usually, when researched, it is mostly based on predictions.

Demographic environment. Demography is a science that studies the population in terms of the number and density of housing. For marketers, the demographic environment is of interest as markets are made up of people.

In the context of short and medium-term demographic trends, demographic trends are exclusively reliable development factors. The company can take a list of key demographic trends and determine exactly how much it will have for each of them.

Economic environment. Economic changes reflect the overall economic situation in the country or region in which the company operates. Economic factors are most evident as the current and projected economies can adversely affect the strategic goals of the organization. Indicators such as the inflation rate, the stability of the national currency, the international balance of payments, the tax rate, the purchasing power of the population, the dynamics of the GNP, the GDP, the unemployment rate, the interest rates, as well as the main trends in the structure of the industries and organizational forms of management need to be constantly diagnosed and be rated. Each of them can either be a threat or a new opportunity for the organization.

In addition to the people themselves, their purchasing power is also important for markets. The overall level of purchasing power depends on the amount of current income, prices, savings on the availability of the loan. In terms of purchasing power, an economic crisis in the country is affected, high unemployment, the high cost of credit.

The market figures should pay attention to the type of outsourcing distribution, as well as take into account geographical differences in the structure of the income distribution. You need to focus your efforts in areas that offer the most promising opportunities.

Political environment. When it comes to marketing solutions, events have a strong impact on the political environment. This factor is based on federal and local laws, regulations, government agencies, public group requirements, and policies designed to establish control over the company's activities. All of these have an impact on various organizations; on individuals and limit the freedom of their actions.

Some aspects of the political situation are of particular importance to leaders of the organization. One of them is the mood of the administration, legislative bodies and business areas. These feelings are closely related to the socio-cultural trends that influence democratic society, government measures such as taxing the income of society, the creation of tax breaks or preferential trade tariffs, the requirements for the practice of recruiting and promoting representatives of national minorities, Consumer protection laws, price control and price lions, the relationship between the forces of workers and managers.

Government regulation is necessary to protect consumers from unscrupulous business practices. Some companies, left unattended, may begin building "financial pyramids" to produce counterfeit goods. With unscrupulous practices in terms of consumers struggling with the relevant laws, various government agencies.

Marketing leaders should be aware of not only federal laws, guarding the conscientiousness of competition, consumer interests, and the highest interests of society, but also local laws under which their marketing activity in a region falls.

The political component of the external environment should be studied primarily in order to have a clear idea of ​​the intent of state power in relation to the development of society and the means by which the state intends to implement its policies. The study of the political situation includes the observation that programs from different parties, the state's attitude towards different economic sectors and regions of the country, etc.

Scientific and technical environment. Technology is both the internal variable and the external factor of great value. As an external factor, it reflects the level of scientific and technical development affecting the organization, for example in the fields of automation, informatization, etc. Technological factors are the main reasons for the emergence of new branches and branches, a profound change in the existing branches. The level of scientific and technical development of the country has a strong influence on the economic structure, on the processes of automation and management, technology with whose products are produced, the composition and structure of the personnel of the staff and this is especially important - for competitiveness of products and technologies. In order to maintain competitiveness, every organization must use the achievements of scientific and technological progress, at least those on which the effectiveness of its activities depends.

Market participants need to be dealt with with changes occurring in the scientific and technical environment, and how new science and technology can be put at the service of the satisfaction of human needs. You need to work closely with academics and technicians and stimulate them to conduct the research, be more focused on the marketplace. You should be sensitive to the possible negative aspects of a new idea that damage users and cause their suspicion and opposition.

Natural environment. In the 1960s there was growing public concern about the destruction of the environment. Legislators began to put forward various measures to protect the environment. Changes in the environmental situation are affected by goods that produce and sell on the market.

Marketing service management should keep in mind these issues in order to preserve the company for the company natural resources without addressing the environment. In this sense, entrepreneurship is under strong scrutiny by government agencies and by the influential public groups. Business should be involved in finding acceptable solutions to face the country's problems with material resources and energy and maintaining the environmental purity of the environment.

Socio-cultural factors. Society's activities take place in society. In the process of this activity, the company establishes the relationship with various elements The structure of society, which requires the influence of social and cultural media factors. Macrocredits include: the number and structural composition of the population, level of education, lifestyle, norms, traditions, work ethic, customs and key values ​​of the country in which the organization operates. The socio-cultural environment affects the population's need for goods, the cost of their maintenance, preferences in the choice of competitors' goods, labor relations, salary levels, working conditions, etc. The relationship between the organization and the local population is important where it functions. In this regard, independent media, which can form the image of the company and its goods and services, are also distinguished as a factor of the socio-cultural environment.

Sociocultural factors also affect products or services that result from the company's activities. Sociocultural factors depend on the methods of running their own organizations.

International factors. International changes in the external environment are understood to mean the events and opportunities for the company's business development in other countries outside the country of origin. New competitors, buyers and suppliers appear from the international environment, it also creates new technological and social trends. Many large and medium-sized organizations are actively trading or will be trading in the international market. Therefore, the guidance should follow the situation that is developing in this extensive segment. The process of globalization now includes everything more countries. Hence, even firms need only focus on the domestic market in order to think internationally, to assess the potential and threat of an external international environment.

Without providing direct impact on the company's operations, these components of macro-fallow predict the strategically important decisions made by its manager. The value of the external environment is greatly increased due to the increase in the complexity of the whole system of social relations (social, economic, political, etc.) that make up the management environment.

2. Analysis of the company's marketing environment in the example of the PC "Company" Kyzyl-Mai "2.1 Enterprise properties

PC "Kyzyl-Mai" company is active in the production of pharmaceutical preparations and food additives from natural products. The market of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been in operation since 1995.

The organizational and legal form of this company is a production cooperative that was created by four founders.

In accordance with the Law of Kazakhstan No. 2486 "On Production Cooperatives" of 05.10.1995, the production cooperation recognizes the voluntary association of citizens on the basis of membership for joint business activities, based on their personal labor participation and association with their relatives of real estate contributions (FEUD ).

The production cooperation works on the basis of a constituent agreement and charter. The supreme body of the cooperative is the general assembly of its members. The production cooperation is entitled to carry out any type of entrepreneurial activity that is not prohibited by legislative acts for private entrepreneurship.

Figure 2 shows the organizational structure of the company "Kyzyl-Mai":

Figure 2 - Organization PC management structure "Company" Kyzyl-Mai "

All departments mainly obey the director of the company, the direct management of the production workshops and laboratories is carried out by the main management and technology.

There are 4 shops on the territory of the PC "Kyzyl-Mai":

Tea shop;

SuppPositorian Workshop;

Workshop phyto-capsules;

The packaging business of liquid products.

The tea shop is engaged in the production of phyto-tea from various medicinal plants: nettle, hawthorn, hunter, mint, souls, chamomile, melissa, hagebuting, chablie, as well as phyto-tea with special pharmacological properties for a specific purpose: cardiovascular, Cleansing, kidneys, chest, stomach, antiallergenic, anti-ramps, anti-alcohol, anti-diabetic, etc.

Suppositories Shop produces candles (suppositories) of various purposes with the addition of medicinal plants: propolis, sea buckthorn, calendula extract, ginseng, etc. This is for example: antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, preventive, etc. And also makes various ointments and body balms on the basis from medicinal plants.

The packaging business of liquid products is in the production of syrups "Kyzyl-mai" from such medicines as sea buckthorn, hagebuthip, viburnum, barbaris, rowan, lingonberry and two syrups from a complex of medicinal herbs: "Tusshofit" (from cough) and "Immunophit" (to improve immunity).

The products of the packaging of liquid products also refer to the honey of several types with ginseng extracts, souls, a hunter, sage, medicinal plants, with maral pans and pollen. Also in this workshop, oil polyfitovoe "Kyzyl-Mai", sea-buckthorn oil, fir, eucalyptus and oil massage "KM-SEDAFAT".

In the workshop, the packaging of liquid products, the production of the dental balm "Dental Balsam" and the balm "for hair" began in the workshop.

The company is also a distributor of contraceptives that are produced in Germany.

PC "Company" Kyzyl-Mai "has its own laboratory, which is engaged in the development of drugs, as well as carrying out the necessary controls at the production stage: pet weight, checking compliance with the composition of drugs established by the norms, etc.

The territory of the PC "Kyzyl-mai" is also equipped with 4 warehouses: for storing raw materials, useful materials, finished products and a warehouse with cooling chambers for storing suppositories.

All PC "Kyzyl-Mai" products are made exclusively from medicinal plants and other natural products. Its corporate stores in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan PC "Kyzyl-mai" does not have, products are delivered exclusively on orders in pharmacies both in the city of Almaty and in other cities of Kazakhstan. The company "Kyzyl-Mai" has a wide range of regular customers among the city's pharmacies. However, it is also possible to purchase a drug and on the company itself by setting it up in the sales department.

The leadership of the PC "Kyzyl-Mai" to control the work of the company and its staff conduct various meetings and exams such as:

meeting of the founders (held once a week; the topic was discussed: strategic plans for the development of the company);

planerna (held twice a week; take part: general director, heads of all departments; the topic discussed: the company's current activities);

the production assembly (held 1 time in 2 weeks; attend: general director, trade director, technologist, production manager; discussed topic: production development, development and introduction of new products, types of products).

The management of the company "Kyzyl-Mai" carefully refers to the social sphere. Company employees receive vouchers for treatment in the sanatorium, vouchers are issued for children of employees summer camp recreation, various types of material allowances are paid (for holidays, on the employee's anniversary birthday, when retirement). On the company's territory is open to all workshops and divisions.

To date, the fluidity of the staff as a whole is poor for the company, this is due to the fact that most of the PC employees "Kyzyl-Mai" are people of old age who have worked for the company for a long time.

2.2 Analysis of the marketing factors PC "Company" Kyzyl-Mai "

An external environment analysis is an assessment of the state and prospects for development of the most important, in terms of organizations, subjects, and environmental factors: industries, markets, suppliers, and a set of global environmental factors that the organization cannot have a direct impact. Analyzing the external environment by studying the external environment performed in 1 Chapter 1 makes it easier to manage the organization to get answers to the questions you are interested in: What changes in the external environment are affecting the organization’s current strategy? What factors represent great opportunities to achieve soci enforcement purposes? An external environment analysis is a tool that the strategy developments use to control external factors related to the organization in order to anticipate potential threats and new opportunities. The analysis of the external environment enables the organization to predict the emergence of threats and opportunities in a timely manner, in order to develop situational plans for the occurrence of unforeseen circumstances, develop a strategy that enables the organization to achieve the goals and potential threats for favorable opportunities transform. The analysis is subject to: an external environment of indirect influence and an external environment of direct effect.

Take into account the environmental factors of the company's immediate environment, namely: consumers, suppliers, intermediaries and competitors. The task of the analysis of the medium of the direct environment is to assess the state and development of the situation on the market and to determine the competitive position of the company.

When studying the immediate environment of the company, it is first necessary to pay attention to one of its main components - consumers. Although marketing services determine the choice of target market, they cannot control its characteristics. You can only respond to them. Consumer analysis examines what factors influence consumer behavior when they make a purchase. The following factors are taken into account:

Social. This includes social groups, classes, family, religion, social roles and status, reference groups, etc.

Cultural. It takes into account what effects traditions, public values, cultural attitudes, morals that have developed in the context of society on consumer behavior can have.

Psychologically. In examining these factors, they look for answers to questions about what motivates buyers to purchase or leave IT, other than the processes of perception, assimilation, belief and formation of the consumer look.

Personally. These include the type of personality of the consumer, age, marital status, education, occupation, hobbies, habits, economic situation, etc. In addition, these characteristics of consumers are examined, such as: geographical location, volume and frequency of the Procurement, the level of their awareness, the availability of substitute goods, the cost of redirecting consumers to a different product, the sensitivity of the price, the availability of special requirements for the product.

In addition, it analyzes how consumers make decisions about which stages take place - study, reflect, compare or compare as an impromptu. The steps through which the consumer happens when submitting a purchase can be presented as a diagram (see Appendix 1).

Studying consumers enables the company to better understand which product is mostly taken by buyers because what volume of sales can count on, what buyers commit to that company's product, how much the circle of potential consumers can expect the product in the future etc.

The analysis of analyzing consumers included a survey of pharmacies that implement Kyzyl-Mai products and a population survey (200 people, by a random set of numbers).

When surveying pharmacy sellers, they were provided with a questionnaire with the following questions:

Which company PC "company" Kyzyl-Mai "enjoys the greatest demand?

What kind of products "Kyzyl-Mai" mostly acquire certain classes of the population (of sex and age signs)?

Which drugs from the company "Kyzyl-Mai" can buy more depending on the season?

How often and what type of drugs "Kyzyl-Mai" are purchased by the doctor's prescriptions?

How has the demand for "Kyzyl-Mai" products changed due to a recent price increase?

Are there reviews of Kyzyl-Mai products from buyers?

Your personal opinion on PC products "Kyzyl-Mai" as a pharmacist?

As a result of the analysis of the information obtained from this polling poll, it was found that oil polyfotites "Kyzyl-Mai" and sea horn, suppositories (candles), phyto tea, syrups and honey use the greatest demand from buyers. Oil, syrups, honey and phyto-tea are acquired by all classes of the population, regardless of age and gender. Suppositories - girls (from 18 years old) and women (up to 45 liters).

In the autumn-winter period, the demand for syrups, honey and oil increases due to frequent colds. As for the rest of the "Kyzyl-mai" product range, it enjoys almost the same demand throughout the year, regardless of the season. In summer the demand for all products is somewhat reduced.

According to the prescriptions (prescription), doctors are mainly acquired from Kyzyl-Mai candles, on recommendations and advice from doctors - syrups, oil, honey and phyto-tea, according to recommendations from dentists - Dental Balsam Dental Balm.

Despite the slight increase in prices, the demand for products decreased by 5% only in the first few months, and growth was observed.

And consumers, pharmacists of pharmacies, react to the products of the Kyzyl company - perhaps positively, if you consider them a useful and efficient natural product.

Next, a survey was conducted over the phone. The method of a random number set was interviewed 200 people. Table 1 presents a list of the questions asked by the respondents and systematized response results.

Table 1

Results of the survey of the population by telephone

Question asked.Response Results Data (%)
1 Have you ever heard of the PC "Kyzyl-Mai" company and its products?
If the respondent answered: "Yes!", Then it followed:
2 What kind of products from "Kyzyl-Mai" company do you know?

40% - oil Polyfitovoe ("Kyzyl-Mai")

30% - "Kyzyl-Mai" oil, phyto-tea, candles

30% - Aware of all products, including phyto-capsules, etc.

3 Did you buy medicines from the company "Kyzyl-Mai"? If yes, what?

30% - almost everything

20% - oil, syrups, honey, phyto-tea, candles

15% - phyto tea, syrups

15% - syrups, honey, phyto-tea

10% - "Kyzyl-Mai" oil

10% - candles

4 Which preparations "Kyzyl-Mai" do you use repeatedly?

Phyto tea - 80%, candles - 45%,

Oil - 60%, honey - 20%,

Syrups - 55%, the rest of the products - 15%

5 Don't know whether your friends and acquaintances buy PC "Kyzyl-Mai" products?

15% purchase

20% - Yes, purchase, you advise me

30% - I don't know, maybe

6 How often and what drugs "Kyzyl-may" can a doctor have prescribed for you?

Not prescribed - 10%

7 Do you like the products "kyzyl-mai"? What can you say about her

Products like it. Rarely do you now find an absolutely natural and really effective product - 70%

How - 20%

Recently started purchasing, time will tell - 10%

8 Is there something that you do not fit into the "Kyzyl-Mai" company? If - yes, what exactly?

75% - everything fits

5% - some syrups are very sweet

9 What could you offer, "Add" or "Eliminate"?

15% - slightly reduce prices

10 After the recent price, has your preference changed in prices for "Kyzyl-Mai" products?

15% - preference has not changed, but initially began to acquire less

85% - No, it hasn't changed

11 Have you obtained medication or supplemented other companies that are exclusively geared towards natural products? If - yes, which companies? Do you like that?

30% - No, did not buy

50% - herbs only. Do not customize small packaging

20% - Dietary supplements (biologically active additives) in private doctors did not like everyone

Using the information obtained during the survey, imagine the demand for Kyzyl-Mai's main products in the form of a rating chart (see Figure 3):

Figure 3 - Demand for PC products "Company" Kyzyl-Mai "

As a result of the analysis of consumers, it can be concluded that the products of the PC "Kyzyl-Mai" enjoy good demand among consumers and managed to establish themselves as a useful, efficient and reliable natural product. It was also decided in the near future to organize informative promotional materials, mainly to familiarize themselves with little-known and new products from Kyzyl-Mai to the population.

Next refer to the analysis of suppliers. When studying suppliers, the clarification is subject to: the cost of goods delivered, quality allocation guarantee, the obligation to comply with the conditions and delivery time, etc., if the supplier is charged by the supplier's supplier, the goods delivered, there may be interruptions in the provision, an increase of production costs. In such a situation, possible answers from the company could be the search for new forms of cooperation or changes to the supplier.Violation of quality guarantees (delivery of poor quality goods), violation of terms and conditions and delivery times can also create significant difficulties in the company's activities, which will force the company to look for a new supplier first, in order to find a new supplier for their own sustainability.

The most important suppliers of raw materials, utility materials and tableware for packaging are Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Iran.

Mainly raw materials come from Russia and Kyrgyzstan. All the necessary utensils for packaging are supplied from Iran: bottles for syrups and oil, jars for honey, etc.

Also on the territory of the Kazakhstan PC "Kyzyl-Mai company" has its own suppliers of some raw materials and packaging materials (boxes, labels, etc.).

According to the results of the analysis of the company's interaction with suppliers from 2007 onwards, the violations were observed only in accordance with the delivery time. Periodically because of the difficulties that arise on the border of Kazakhstan with Uzbekistan, the courts delivered to Iran. One answer to this was the order of dishes before the usual norm, calculated for a specific production period, so that stocks can be used in the event of a delay in production. If stocks are available, the order is made according to the standard. But even sometimes, such difficulties with the delivery of dishes, PC "Kyzyl-mai", do not intend to change the supplier, since the dishes they supply are characterized by excellent quality and reasonable price. Kyzyl-Mai has developed long-term and reliable relationships with this supplier.

When we talk about intermediaries, there is only one intermediate link - pharmacies that sell the company's products between the company and the end user. The delivery service delivers the company's products to orders in the pharmacy of the city of Almaty and other cities of Kazakhstan. The company "Kyzyl-may" has a wide range of regular customers among pharmacies of the cities of Kazakhstan.

Finally, we turn to the analysis of the competition. What the company "Kyzyl-Mai" trades, it has almost no competition. The only valid competitor is the company with the similar name "Kyzyl-mai", in the form of an organization that is an LLP and another name of the company, and the lack of a word "company" in the entire name. There is a PC "Kyzyl-mai" and a kyzyl-mai llp on the RK market. Products "Kyzyl-mai" llp is also made from natural products. However, this company has a much smaller range of products, that is: phyto-tea and tablets made from medicinal herbs. Many consumers still do not know that the production of these drugs (as indicated on tablets, food additives) is engaged in another company with the same name. They don't pay attention to the company logo and the address of the company, because it just exists "Kyzyl-mai". If we talk about consumer preference, the identity of the company competitor does no harm to the PC "Kyzyl-Mai". You only choose to "buy a natural product" in the form of something: pills or phyto-capsules, syrups, honey. Determine the demand for pills (nutritional supplements) produced by Kyzyl-may llp has failed, but as consumer analysis showed, the demand for PC products "Kyzyl-Mai" is quite large. Phyto-teas acquire roughly the same degree in both companies, the price difference is insignificant. After the proposed informative advertising company is expected to increase the demand for phyto-capsules, which unlike other products Kyzyl-Mai is familiar with a smaller number of consumers.

Other competitors include foreign manufacturers of various biologically active additives made from natural products. In the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, they are expelled by various private doctors who are performed by computer diagnostics mainly on the "Oberon" equipment, which is not confident. Otherwise, the price of these additives will be quite high. Therefore the PC "Kyzyl-mai" doesn't feel like strong competition from this side.

An analysis of the environment of the indirect influence (macros of the organization) should exist to determine the composition of the influencing factors. When analyzing macros of the organization, demographic, economic, political and legal, scientific and technical, natural, sociocultural and international, scientific and technical, natural, sociocultural and international topics are subject to the study.

When analyzing economic factors, rates of inflation (deflation), interest rate, international balance of payments, the employment rate of the population as a whole and in the industry, the solvency of companies is taken into account. The level of economic development, the country's budget and its implementation, the availability of resources, taxation, job productivity, the size of wages, etc. A change in demographic conditions, the income level of the population and their distribution, market capacity or their government will be also examined.

Due to the increasing degree of inflation in the country, a sharp rise in energy prices and, as a result, an increase in production costs, is an increase in prices for the products of Kyzyl-Mai. At the same time, the company has increased wage major production workers.

When analyzing the political factors, agreements on tariffs and trade between countries, protectionist customs policies, against third countries, should be followed. regulatory act local authorities and central government, development stage legal regulation economy, state attitude towards antitrust laws, local authorities, restrictions on loans and work facilities.

In general, at the moment the political situation in the country and the influence of the political factor on the PC "Kyzyl-mai" is small at the moment, but the company's activities are constantly under the influence of political events and decisions, and the administration of the organization must follow the decisions and laws of the authorities.

The study of the legal component should consist of a study of the content of the legal acts and the existing practice of their implementation. This analysis should be an understanding about the goals of the development of society, priority areas of the economy and regions, the possibility and instructions for the development of the political system.

Social factors are also subject to the study, as they affect the choice of goals, mean means, the characteristics of the company's work. The structural composition of the population is taken into account, the level of education, established public values ​​and installations, interest in social issues, etc.

Studying the values ​​and preferences of consumers, it has been found that natural products have recently increased among the population.

The analysis of the technological external environment should take into account changes in the manufacture of structural materials, application should take into account computer equipment for the design of new goods and services; Management takes into account changes in the technology for collecting, processing and transmitting information in communication.

Also analyzed the changes occurring in international relations states. The policies of the governments of other countries are monitored, thereby efforts to protect or expand the national market in general or individual industries.

The basis of the analysis is the information contained in various publications, magazines, as discussions, special marketing research, through observations, surveys, conducting experiments, etc.

Macros analysis, in which Kyzyl-Mai-PC is marked in Table 2. This table discusses the analyzed factors, their possible manifestations and relevant response measures of the company:

Table 2. Analysis of the factors Makrocrides PC "Kyzyl-Mai"

Group factors.factorDevelopment trendmanifestationService response company
1. Economical1.1 inflation rate.RaisingWith increasing inflation depreciation moneyAccounting for the level of inflation when setting the prices for goods
1.2 level of real income of the populationA reduction is possibleReducing the level of purchasing power of the population
1.3 Energy tariffsMaybe increaseAn increase in product costProduction production with the lowest cost
2. Legal2.1 imperfection. legislative baseStabilization trends.Violation of the interests of the manufacturing sector

Exquisite ways for effective

3. Political.3.1 Orientation to the market regulation of the economy.Stabilization trends.The ability to choose the area of ​​economic activity.Issue new activities.
Weakening of the discipline of payments and deliveries.Insurance insurance, partner stimulation
4. Social4.1 Level of educationGrowth trends will be savedIncrease the number of highly educated specialistsRational selection of staff
5. NTP5.1. NTP in production.Growth trends will be savedThe emergence of new finishing materials, technologies

Look for ways to produce new types of goods

Additional investments in know-how and power update

5.2. NTP in the social sphereGrowth trends will be savedGrowth in the level of population needs

Marketing research, new product development

Improving working conditions and workers' lives

6. International6.1. Liberalization of foreign economic activity. CooperationTrends are savedThe possibility of exit to external market

Look for new foreign partners and suppliers

Obtaining an international certificate for products

Thus, various changes in the external environment for the company can be submitted as beneficial opportunities and threats.

2.3 Conducting SWOT Analysis

After analyzing the external environment and obtaining data on facts that are dangerous or open new opportunities, management should assess: whether the company has internal strengths to seize the opportunity and what internal weaknesses complement the problems associated with external threats can.

You can follow the possible combinations of a market situation with the strong and weak parties to the company with the well-known method for assessing the position of the company and its strategic prospects - Swot-Analysis.

SWOT analysis consists of identifying the company's strengths and weaknesses, as well as opportunities and threats emanating from the closest environment (external environment).

SWOT - the first letters of English words:

Strengths (strengths) - the benefits of the organization;

Weaknesses (weaknesses) are lack of flaws in the organization;

Opportunities (favorable opportunities) - The factors of the external environment, the use of which creates the organization's advantages in the marketplace;

Threats (threats) are factors that can affect the organization's situation in the market.

Zinnurov u.g. In his work, the Swot Analysis compares to a strategic balance in which the company's strengths are assets in competition and weak sides - these are liabilities.

The first stage of the SWOT analysis consists of a list of strengths and weaknesses of the company (Table 3).

The strengths are what it succeeded in, or a certain characteristic offers its additional possibilities. The power can be in existing experience, access to unique resources, the presence of advanced technology and modern equipment, high staff qualifications, high quality of products, brand fame, etc.

The weaknesses are the lack of something important to the functioning of the company or something that the company is not yet capable of (compared to others) or something that affects the company in unfavorable conditions. As an example of weaknesses, too narrow a range of products, generated, bad reputation in the market, lack of funding, poor service, etc. This includes the profile of a company:

Table 3.s and weaknesses of the PC "Kyzyl-Mai" company

Aspect of the mediumStrong sidesWeak sides

wide range of manufactured products;

the ability to expand output products;

good quality products;

natural composition of products without the use of synthetic components

The weaknesses are not observed

high qualifications of management staff;

clarity of separation of forces and functions;

perfection of management;

appropriate organizational structure;

effective surveillance system.

low interest of ordinary employees in the development of the company

effective product quality control system;

defined product update system;

the presence of the necessary production capacity;

high quality production.

outdated production facilities in some production voices;

log in the area of ​​R&D


high level qualifications. production staff;

lack of fluidity of the staff as a whole on the company;

high level social security workforce

The weaknesses were not recognized

good reputation of the company;

a wide range of products;

high evaluation quality rating

imperfection of the organization of the marketing system (lack of marketing service as an independent department of the company);

lack of marketing market research;

lack of activity to stimulate sales;

low brand fame among the young population


financial stability company;

the company is solvent;

own capital rules over the borrowed one

The weaknesses were not recognized
innovationdeveloped product update system (development of qualitatively new products)in the field of new production technologies

In general, the company's weaknesses are mainly observed in the area of ​​marketing and application of new technologies in the area of ​​production.

The next step in SWOT analysis is to identify market opportunities and threats.

Market characteristics are favorable circumstances that a company can use to gain advantage. As an example of market opportunities, it is possible to identify the positions of competitors, a sharp increase in demand, the emergence of new production technologies, the emergence of new production technologies, the growth in the income level of the population, etc.

Market threats - events the offensive of which could have a negative impact on the company. Examples of market threats: entry into the market for new competitors, tax weaknesses, rising inflation levels, a change in buyers' tastes, a decrease in fertility, etc.

Based on the information obtained in the analysis of the marketing environment, we determine the market opportunities that open up in front of the company and threaten from the external environment of the dangers (threats).

Think of this data in the form of a table:

Table 4. Opportunities and threats


weak positions of competitors;

a high level of demand for the company's products;

the growth trend in consumer preferences with natural products;

increase in the level of education of the population, an increase in the number of highly educated workers;

liberalization of foreign economic activity, international cooperation;

the ability to enter new markets;

nTP development, new product, material, equipment and technology creation;

the opportunity to use know-how

increase in inflation;

increase prices for raw materials and finished products;

reduction in the level of purchasing power of the population;

increase form of energy;

increase in production costs;

racing exchange rates (sharp rise in euro rates);

violation of the supply of certain materials for the production of products

With information about the external environment and the company's profile (strengths and weaknesses), the SWOT matrix (Table 5) is created to assess the interdependence of the internal and external environment.

From the entire list of the company's strengths and weaknesses, it is necessary to choose the most important (strongest and weakest) and write them in the appropriate cells of the SWOT analysis matrix. The most important ones from the list of possibilities and threats are also entered in the corresponding cells of the matrix:

Table 5. SWOT matrix


weak positions of competitors, high levels of demand for the company's products, growth in consumer preferences with natural products,

the possibility of entering new markets, the development of NTP, the possibility of using know-how

increase in inflation

decrease in the degree of purchasing of the population, decrease in the demand for products, an increase in energy norms, violation of the supply of certain materials for the production of products

Strong sides

Effective product quality control system, the ability to expand the range, the debugged product update system, a good reputation of the company, financial stability

So field (strength and skills)St (strength and threats)

Weak sides

Lodge in the field of the latest production technologies, imperfection of the organization of the marketing system, lack of marketing research, rarity advertising campaigns

WO field (weakness and


WT field (weakness and threats)

In each of the fields it is necessary to consider all possible coupled combinations from which a set of strategies is then formed.

Hence strategies - citizens (maxi-maxi). In developing a strategy, the company should strive to capitalize on its strengths in order to get the maximum return on opportunities that have arisen in the external environment.

Due to the existing well-established system for updating products and quality control system, Kyzyl-maybe can expand the product range and take opportunities to enter new markets.

WO strategies - weak point possibilities (mini-maxi). The strategy of this group should be built in such a way that at the expense of the emerging opportunities to overcome the weaknesses present in the organization.