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Anonymous targets Donald Trump

The controversial proposal by US presidential candidate Donald Trump not to allow Muslims to enter the US has provoked Anonymous. The collective has therefore targeted him via YouTube video: Trump's statement is playing the Islamic State (IS, also ISIS) terrorist militia in the cards. Because the more Muslims feel they have been treated unfairly, the more of them ISIS can radicalize and recruit.

Not long after the video was released on December 9th, the Trump Tower homepage in New York became inaccessible; but only for about an hour, as reported by CNET. Allegedly this should have happened due to a DDoS attack controlled by anonymous activists. When asked by the news portal, neither Trump's election office nor the website operator company wanted to comment. So it is not certain whether there was actually an attack.

It is also open whether the whole thing is a concerted action by the Anonymous part that supports actions against IS, or whether a faction of other hacktivists was responsible. During the so-called "cyber war" against IS there were already various operations, of which it was not clear whether they followed a common plan. Anonymous is not a closed organization, but a loose collection of hackers and activists with no hierarchies. But one can assume that Anonymous members would object via the same channels if the action of another Anonymous group went completely against the grain. (bb)

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