Should you tell your partner everything

Pssst! You should never tell your friend these secrets

Even if you love your friend with all your heart and can imagine everything with him, that doesn't necessarily mean that you become a transparent person who shares every secret with him.

And we're not talking about the secret your best friend confides in you (that's taboo anyway), but about your little secrets. Here are 18 things you shouldn't necessarily tell your boyfriend. This is not unkind or mean, but simply much, much better for both of you.

1. If you were single, you would absolutely love his best friend

His best friend is a really nice guy and the three of you do a lot. You also keep trying to pair him up with your girlfriends just because he's great. But to put it very, very hypothetically: If you didn't have your sweetheart by your side, then his best friend would be an option.

2. Sometimes you use your days as an excuse not to have sex

If you don't feel like having sex for the third night in a row because you are simply stressed and tired, but you don't want to give him a headache again that he doesn't believe you anyway, then take the good old PMS as a reason. .. small white lie.

3. The bulk pack of chocolate is no longer the one you bought together

So he really doesn't have to know everything. And he doesn't have to know HOW chocolate addicts you can be either. The large pack of chocolate that you bought together for Sunday evening has long been nibbled and the one in the cupboard is already the third one that you have secretly bought since then. He doesn't have to know.

4. You actually hate the kind of earrings he gave you last year

You think they're totally funny, but for some reason your boyfriend thought the earrings were so beautiful that he gave them to you for his birthday last year. Heart pounding to see if you like them too. You smiled and lied. You would think she was totally beautiful. He doesn't have to know the truth. Then he would look so sad ...

5. You think about an ex-boyfriend of yours more often than you should

It's not that you miss him and long for him. But every now and then you wonder what has become of him, whether he's single, what has changed in his life without you. Just for the fun of it. Nevertheless, this information would only unsettle your friend unnecessarily.

6. Kissing him is no longer as exciting as it used to be

After a few years, the feelings also get a little calmer. The days when you melted away at every kiss he made are sadly over. You are more familiar, closer, have known each other for a long time. Kissing him is nice anyway. But just less exciting.

7. Sometimes he annoys you

To be honest: now and then he really gets on your nerves with his way. And you are also totally sorry that you look at him in such exasperated manner. Sure, he'll feel the same way with you, and that's no reason to worry. You love each other anyway.

8. You don't just watch the trash series when nothing good comes on TV ...

"Nothing at all is coming in on TV at the moment. That's the only reason why I watch the trash. Honestly." Unfortunately, that's not so honest at all. You just don't want to come out as a TV junkie with extremely shallow taste. Simply because you're embarrassed in front of him.

9. You have sex fantasies in which it does not even appear

There are sex fantasies where your boyfriend just didn't get a role. Not even as an extra or a spectator. It just doesn't appear at all. Instead, you dream of having sex with a stranger, with your colleague, or directly with two people. It's totally normal - you don't necessarily have to tell him about it. So from the fantasies, but not from the cast ...

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10. You are afraid that he will go bald

Somehow the receding hairline on his forehead has gotten bigger and his hair a little thinner. And in the morning you see him with a suffering expression in front of the mirror when he examines his lost hair. "No, sweetheart, they're still totally great!" then do you lie to him? But damn it: he just looks so depressed!

11. You'd love to take a look at his emails (and you've even done it before!)

Who is this Natalie and why is she often hanging out in front of the computer for hours? Does he have a lot of friend requests from strange women on FB? Question after question. How much you would like to take a look at your email program (just a tiny bit) ... you have even done it once before and feel ashamed of it ...

12. Your best friend knows everything about the quality of his bed

Yes, sex with him is beautiful simply because you are so close and love each other. And actually it's only your two business interests. Too bad that your best friend asked you openly about the quality of your bed and now unfortunately knows everything about your sex life. He'd be pretty pissed off ... so: better keep quiet

13. Now and then you wonder what life would be like without him

If you could do what you want now and if you were alone or maybe XY's girlfriend: How would your own life be? Would it be different, more exciting, lonely or more sociable? You can have a cinema in your head and play through things in your mind as life would be without him. Why not? This is the only way to be consciously together.

14. You know exactly how you imagine your marriage proposal

Getting married someday? Sure, why not. And ideally, he should be asking the question of all questions. It's just stupid that you find a lot of marriage proposals totally conservative and cheesy and actually know exactly what his marriage proposal should look like and how not. But tell him ... better not.

15. He doesn't always know everything you buy on the Internet

Yes, many women are addicted to shopping and now and then you don't feel any different. You are also familiar with frustrated shopping and "account-empty-everything-does not matter" shopping tours. But he doesn't have to know. These are the little vices that you just have to indulge in every now and then.

16. You get frustrated when he doesn't like your new hairstyle

You don't really care whether he likes the new oversize look or whether he laughs at the pajama pants. You like yourself in that stuff. But if he only says "very nice" about your new hairstyle, it hurts. Of course, he doesn't seem to care about hairstyles and he loves you no matter what you look like. But ... yes, but ...!

17. You love to read gossip about celebrities

Cameron Diaz got married and Heidi Klum lost three kilos - of course that's as interesting as a sack of rice in China that falls over. But you still like to read it. It's a little like gawking. Still nobody has to know. Especially not him.

18. You are really quite obsessed with him

Sometimes you love him more than you can say. You're afraid that he might walk away, that something might happen to him, that he might suddenly not like you anymore ... but tell him you can't. He knows how much you love him and he should know that too. The fact that you almost become his groupie on some days would only scare him, wouldn't it?

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