Are tooth whitening pens safe

Bleaching: Can you whiten teeth with a pencil in just 10 minutes?

The size, shape and color of the teeth play a central role when it comes to assessing the attractiveness of the smile. While supposed blemishes such as a tooth gap make a smile special, discolored teeth are unfortunately perceived as less attractive. Fortunately, there are numerous whitening methods to get rid of these: With the whitening pen you can see the teeth around lighten quickly, inexpensively and easily at home. We'll introduce you to the best whitening pens and explain whether they really offer an alternative to professional teeth whitening.

Whitening pen: what do the products promise for white teeth?

The Home whitening trend originated in the USA and increasingly spills over onto the German market with more and more products. The products are now not only available online, but also in drugstores. So-called are newWhitening pens or Whitening pensthat advertise a particularly simple application and their highly effective and at the same time harmless ingredients. And this is how it works:

  • The lightening gel comes with a pen applicator on the teeth, which have been thoroughly cleaned beforehand brushed.
  • The gel act briefly to let.
  • After that everything is fine rinse with water.
  • And the white, radiant smile is ready.

How do you get white teeth? The 5 best tips for whitening pen products

This whitening pen bleaches gently and is therefore also for sensitive teeth suitable. The formula is free of controversial substances such as peroxide or fluoride and protects tooth enamel as well as gums. Nice result: with one daily use of fast 60 seconds In a few weeks you will be happy about lighter teeth and a natural white.

This whitening kit includes three gel pens for teeth whitening. Already after a week the application should make a visible difference and Remove stains and discoloration. The whitening pen includes a silicone rail with an LED function, which is used during the 15 minutes exposure time of the gel is worn.

Plus point: The set contains a kind of black toothpaste made of activated charcoal (great home remedy alternative for natural teeth!) And a sustainable bamboo toothbrush, which can also be integrated into dental care and optimize the lightening effect.

With this method comes in again Pen in combination with UV light for use. With the help of the light splint, the formula is activated and your teeth gently lightened. Discoloration from coffee, cigarettes or red wine can also be eliminated. After a short time, you can look forward to the desired results, i.e. a beautiful, natural tooth color.

This teeth whitening pen takes care of everything in one half an hour for visibly lighter, white teeth and declares war on dark discoloration. The whitening gel is gentle as antibacterial and thus supports a good oral hygiene. The extra-soft, rotatable brush ensures that the agent can be easily applied to the individual teeth.

Advantage: The whitening toothpaste tastes like fresh mint - similar to conventional toothpaste.

This bleaching variant also comes with a pen and an LED rail. Especially: That blue light takes care of a professional whitening of your teeth; the red light counteracts bacteria and thus not only promotes whites, but also healthy teeth. The whitening pen also comes without aggressive peroxide and gently whitens yellow teeth and discoloration.

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Whitening pen: which whitening ingredients are in it?

Tooth whitening pens work in a similar way to a concealer pen: the rear end is pressed until sufficient gel has collected at the front of the brush. Different active ingredients act as bleaching agents: They are common Sodium chloride, whitening agent or natural activated carbon. The substances can leave a dull feeling and a slightly bitter taste on your teeth after use with the whitening pen (similar to whitening strips).

Bleaching Pen: Is It Harmful To Use?

Basically: Will the teeth whitening Done correctly, it is not harmful to your teeth. However, one should strictly follow the manufacturer's instructions, rely on high-quality products and not overdo it with the treatment in order to protect tooth enamel and gums. You can also use the following points as a guide for safe use:

  • Children under 12 years should avoid whitening treatment. Also forpregnant women this method is less suitable, as the gums are more sensitive in this phase and can react irritated by the whitening product.
  • Formulas without peroxide use. This is considered to be aggressive and can attack the tooth enamel.
  • Who underGum problems or tooth decay suffers,Fillings, veneers, crowns and Co. should also do without the teeth whitening pen.
  • OnProductsrefrain from using abrasives. These are also often found in whitening toothpastes.

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Home bleaching: is the whitening pen a real alternative to teeth whitening by a professional?

The teeth whitening pen is one fast, cheap alternative for teeth whitening at the dentist. However, you should be aware that the active ingredients in the bleaching pens are dosed lower for home use. Sure that The results are therefore less extreme. On the other hand, the teeth appear naturally white and superficial discoloration can be improved at least temporarily. Good dental care and regular, professional tooth cleaning at the dentist optimize the whitening effect and contribute to beautiful, healthy teeth all round.

If, on the other hand, you want a super white Hollywood smile, you should invest in professional teeth whitening. A distinction is made between:

  • Power whitening or in-office whitening: This treatment promises the best results for those who want a very bright white effect. The tooth can be lightened by several shades in a short time.
  • Walking whitening or internal whitening: The professional usually only concentrates on a single tooth with severe discoloration. With walking bleach, the bleaching agent is also applied to the inside of the tooth.

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