Who is your business mentor

What does a business mentor do?

She was once very successful, even famous, because she invented something that didn't exist before: The entrepreneur and artist was a pioneer in her field of business. She developed innovations in the manufacture and marketing of products that many today take for granted. And like a mentor, she passed on her knowledge and supported others in becoming successful too.

Years later, as a result of several crises, she is penniless and in poor health. But that doesn't stop them from living their values ​​and doing business again. A social enterprise that produces ecological and sustainable products and donates its profits from sales to those in need should be created without any money.

She finds supporters and advisers, speaks to potential investors and develops various concepts, business plans and business models over several years. With the help of the SRS (Social Reporting Standard), the social benefits of the company and its social impact can be presented. Whoever she tells what she has in mind, she reaps astonishment and enthusiasm.

As much as it creates, coordinates and organizes - it always sticks to the same hurdle: no money. The banks expect equity capital, the investors want profit guarantees, the social business initiatives demand scalability and broad impact. And then there are the psychological and legal legacies from previous business relationships that keep bothering her.

She draws the necessary strength from the support of those who believe in her, from her strong will and from her spiritual streak. Again and again new contacts, ideas and approaches emerge that can be pursued and concretized - sketches and strategies to turn your ideas into business.

A book about their life story is being written. The sales model is developed from wholesale to retail and teleshopping to your own online shop and the marketing of television advertising via lifestyle magazines to social media strategies. A foundation is established to realize the company's social purpose. Professional partners and the right staff are found to take immediate action after the establishment. And an ecologically oriented bank and a funding program make the financing possible.

The mentor accompanies you on this path. With alert senses and an open heart. Curious, optimistic and supportive, but also critical, realistic and corrective. He researches, contacts, coordinates, motivates, reflects and inspires. Out of fascination for the entrepreneurial personality, interest in the project and enthusiasm for the products and their effects. He listens carefully, asks specifically and comments precisely. In this way, step by step and at the appropriate speed, the full potential is tapped and a vision becomes reality.