What is it like to die with salvation

Poetry and Philosophy: Beliefs of loved ones

The visible has passed
all that remains is love and memory

With the death of a person you lose a lot,
but never the time spent with him.

that touch our heart
never get lost.

Death can also be kind
when the strength fails
can no longer hold on to the hand
and the eyes get tired
then eternal peace is a redemption.

Love never stops.
1 Corinthians 13: 8

The flow of life flows
into the sea of ​​eternity.

When the strength runs out
redemption is grace.

Where life doesn’t
Has more strength,
death is redemption.

A precious human legacy
is the trace that his life
left behind in our hearts.

The person we loved
is no longer where he was.
But he is everywhere we are and remember him.

The moment you realize
that the person you love
leaves the strength to live, everything becomes still.
You can never ask his advice again
never again be happy with him,
never laugh with him again.
A person is missing here forever and you understand
that you've lost your loved one

What you have deep in your heart
cannot be lost through death.

Who lives in the memory of his loved ones,
is not dead.
Only those who are forgotten are dead.

Every day needs its strength
the last one brings peace.

Because things happen
that we don't understand.
We stand by, powerless and mute.

Death is the gateway to light at the end of a path that has become arduous.

Everything has it's time.
A time of joy.
A time of silence.
A time of pain and grief.
A time of grateful memories.
according to Ecclesiastes 3 (book of the preacher)

We are the stuff dreams are made of.

Allowed to fall asleep when one is tired,
and allowed to drop a burden
that one has worn for a long time,
this is a delicious
a wonderful thing.
Hermann Hesse

The only important thing in life
are the traces of love
that we leave behind
when we go away
and have to say goodbye.
Albert Schweitzer

The most beautiful monument
that a person can get
stands in the hearts of others.
Albert Schweitzer

What you have deep in your heart
cannot be lost through death.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The more beautiful and full the memory
the harder the separation is.
But gratitude turns the memory into silent joy.
One does not carry the past beautiful like a sting,
but we have a precious gift in ourselves.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

It's sad when people go to the unknown country.
We can no longer see them or feel a hand.
But they went ahead, hold the gates open for us,
one day we will be embraced, when at the end the curriculum vitae.
Lisi Guthoff

People come into our lives
and accompany us for a while.
Some stay forever
because they leave their mark
in our hearts.