How many users does Yelp have

Tips for your first post


What places can I write a review about on Yelp?

Many people think that Yelp is only rated for restaurants and bars, but in fact, we have over a thousand categories for different types of businesses that users can post to - that includes almost anything that gives you a local experience or interaction with (although there are some guidelines and restrictions). And if we miss something, you can add it to our directory.

What should be included in my post?

The best posts are lively and personal. They tell a story, are rich in details and contain one or two tips for other consumers.

Think of a recent experience with a company - can you describe it in a way that will benefit consumers like you in the future?
  • For example, you can describe your favorite foods (or the ones you dislike) in a local restaurant.
  • Share an experience that would make you go back (or not) for years.
  • Highlight one employee who went out of their way to make your experience unforgettable.
  • Add tips on when to go, where to park, or where to sit.
  • Describe why you would use a service (plumber, catering, construction company, etc.) again for your next project.

What shouldn't be included in my post?

You should make sure that your post is accurate and reflects a real, personal experience. For example, personal opinions ("the food here is the best") are good, but speculation and exaggeration ("you probably use unicorn meat for your tacos") is something we don't like to see too much.

For more details on what shouldn't be included in your post, please see our content guidelines.
If you have any difficulties, please contact our user service.