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The 50 most bizarre first names - allowed or forbidden?

When the parents' ideas come up against the limits of the right to a name

A contribution by Fiona Schönbohm

In time for spring, Germany is reporting a baby boom. Big bellied friends having brunch at the babyshower, overcrowded pregnancy classes in the gym and reports on newcomers from prominent couples in the news are unmistakable signs. The new children stand out not only because of their number but also because of their unusual names. After all, everyone can do "Lukas" or "Marie", everyone is called. Why not something crazy? But what limits does the right to a name actually set on the parents' imagination?

Adolf instead of Lenin?

Nonsense names have a hard time with German registrars and magistrates. There are no express legal regulations on allowed and not allowed first names. However, over time, customary law and case law have evolved into certain guidelines. Above all, it is about one thing: the best interests of the child. Above all, the child should not have to suffer from the name. For example, German registry offices gave names such as Judas or Troublemaker rejected for this reason. Napoleon however, is allowed.

Also Adolf is generally not prohibited. In exceptional cases, however, the authority can reject the name if there are concrete indications of right-wing extremist tendencies. So if you appear to register your son Adolf with a swastika on your forehead, you have bad cards. Lenin however, is not permitted in Germany. To read in here a political tendency of our authorities would probably go too far ...

Spring, summer, autumn and winter

The Society for the German Language (GfdS) adds new, permitted first names to its list every year. Names appear again and again in which the reader has justified doubts about the consideration of the best interests of the child. For example, the list was renamed in 2016 Christmas added.

The trend of naming your child according to the season, the weather or holidays comes from the USA. As is well known, different rules of the game apply there and the imagination of many celebrities knows no bounds: For example, you know the daughters of Bob Geldorf: Fifi Trixibelle, Pixie Frou-Frou, Peaches Honeyblossom and Heavenly Shepherdess Tiger Lilly?

But the names were also used in Germany Summer, Rain or Sunshine authorized. The German-language equivalent of rain or sunshine would not be allowed, however.

Doctor, pilot, inspector, sheriff - if the choice of career is in the cradle

A first name must still not have a title, for example lord or princess describe. This rule is more likely to prevent confusion. It would be even better if parents could just start with their children doctor and whose income would thus in a clever way increase in later professional life.

However, German parents are resourceful when it comes to turning their children into little princesses. So are the names of Disney princesses like Rapunzel or Snow white quite permissible. And who matches his son to it sultan want to call, may do that too. Incidentally, those who are at home in the Wild West can also have their offspring sheriff name - for some inexplicable reason this name was also approved in 2016. Perhaps someone in the registry office in question had grown up with the Winnetou films. Winnetou is also permitted, by the way.

"Henry Günter Ademola Dashtu, come here!"

The rule that first names must be clearly identifiable as such serves to prevent confusion. This means that they must not be confused with the surname. Müller is therefore not a valid first name under German family law. That was decided by the Frankfurt Higher Regional Court. The plaintiff parents went to court because they liked their son Clemens Schroeder Maik wanted to call.

While we're at it - too many first names can damage the child's well-being and also blow up bureaucratic forms. In one case, the Federal Constitutional Court forbade parents to give their child twelve first names and urged them to limit themselves to five. Why some parents think it is unusual to string many common names together remained a mystery to the judges too. Incidentally, Heidi Klum's first son bears the sonorous name from the last heading.

No hope for Axel sweat?

If a child cannot come to terms with a particularly exotic name, the right to change their first name is very limited. It then has to submit substantiated that it is suffering from its name. We think especially of the little girl, that of her parents Chocolate Cominza and to the poor little boy whom his parents named Popo have baptized. But also Jazz, Apple, Pumuckl and Speedy will probably make use of this option one day.

If an official is watching football while stamping the applications in the registry office, this is often the only way for the children concerned to avoid lifelong teasing. As a rule, however, the employees are attentive auditors who are sure to be able to tell funny anecdotes at the dining table in the evening. One can only hope that they will be among the applicants too Whiskey, doll, rental mix, Satan or yogurt In addition to the rejection letter, an employee of the youth welfare office has also sent over.