Has Kaspersky ever been hacked?

Password check: have my login details been hacked?

Portals for checking for password theft
Image: dpa If you want to know whether the passwords or e-mail addresses you are using have been stolen and have been freely available on the Internet since then, you can try out various services.

The operators of the pages have collected illegal publications from password databases after security gaps and hacker attacks and created the query portals listed below from them. They are used to check whether your own e-mail address or a specific password has already circulated freely on the Internet as a result of such a publication.

It can of course be dangerous to enter the currently used password in the query. If you have security concerns, you can first change your own password for a particular service and then check whether the password you used before is known anywhere on the Internet.

Has it got me already?

Portals for checking for password theft
Image: dpa Very important: If the search for a password, email address or phone number results in a match, the burnt / old password should never be used again.

However, the fact that a password is not in the database does not mean that it is one hundred percent secure. In a separate guide, we give tips for a secure password.

Of course, valid combinations of email addresses and passwords that Internet users may even use on several portals are still of particular interest to cyber criminals. Because that is very reckless, especially if you have stored your own payment data in an internet shop, for example, or even use the same login data for online banking. Such an account should always be protected with a combination of email address and password that is not used anywhere else.

In the worst case, a criminal can use a working combination of e-mail address and password plus other data such as name, date of birth, postal address and payment details to fake the person's complete identity and thus take part in criminal offenses, for example. One then speaks of identity theft, which can have far-reaching legal consequences.

Query portals: Have my data been stolen?

On the following pages you can check whether your e-mail address or password has ever been captured and published as part of a security breach or hacker attack:

Store and use a large number of passwords securely

We explain more on this topic in our guide: Free password safe on a German server - this is how it works.

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