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Reading Italian magazines: regular reading training expands language skills

Newspaper kiosks and libraries are full of Italian magazines! As the saying goes, “Italy is a land of saints, poets, sailors”… and authors and journalists. If you are interested in a specific topic, don't worry: you will find the appropriate Italian magazine for your interests.

Other than that, reading Italian magazines to improve your language skills is a really good idea. Italian magazines are easier to read than Italian daily newspapers, for which you have to be always up to date and quickly.

Magazines, on the other hand, are a more timeless format and are under less pressure to stay up to date on current topics and to report on various topics.

Above all, one can discover the cultural background through a magazine and read about different perspectives.
You can also subscribe to your favorite Italian magazine.

There are many different types of magazines and all kinds of topics: about politics and current news, photography, about fashion, sports, technology, cars or simply about male or female health and finally about various hobbies.


This magazine started with the concept of translating some interesting articles from the most important and well-known foreign newspapers.

In the meantime, however, the Internazionale also contains many articles written by professional journalists and talented photographers. You write extensive reports from all over the world.

The articles deal with the situation in the Middle East or Africa, the cultural problems after the last European economic crisis or the issues of climate change. As the name suggests, it is the most important international and cosmopolitan Italian magazine.

Of course you can read the magazine directly online on the website (with different content depending on the selection), but you can also buy it every Friday at the kiosk. There is the possibility to test a digital edition for free.


If you are interested in science and technology, this Italian magazine is not to be missed. Focus is published monthly and is understandable, non-academic written. There are pages for cultural questions about future technology or conscientious contributions to the current development of robot technology or in the area of ​​the worldwide spread of diseases.

You can subscribe to both the printed and digital editions. There are also a lot of other offers, especially for children.
Comparable is the Italian version of Scientific American magazine, Le Scienze.

Donna Moderna

This weekly is a good example of an Italian women's magazine. It is comparable to the American Vogue or the English Vanity Fair, both of which are also available in Italian. The design with photos is an essential part of this.

Fashion shows and the life of celebrities, interviews with fashion bloggers or perfume recommendations and beauty tips: you can find all of this here and much more. The subscription is currently particularly cheap for 50%.


Football is THE Italian sport and this Italian magazine is exactly that.

There are detailed articles on the most important football topics and articles about the various coaches or the current best goal scorers. There are also interviews with famous players, not just the Italian ones. A magazine for insiders, of course.

You can buy a single issue digitally or take out an annual subscription - six issues, one every two months - delivery domestically and internationally is possible. Of course, you can also read the articles directly on the website.

La Settimana Enigmistica

As the name suggests, it is a weekly magazine. And there is no bigger classic than these at Italian kiosks. It is the traditional fund of crossword, picture and letter puzzles, Sudokus and brain teasers.

Of course, in order to really enjoy all these puzzles, it is better to have more advanced knowledge of Italian, because sometimes even native speakers have a hard time figuring out the solution! But if you play a little bit with Italian words every day, it is certainly a good brain workout and the subscription is really cheap.

Giallo Zafferano

Another top topic in Italy should of course not be forgotten: cooking. As you probably already know, every Italian region has its own culinary specialties (and own secret recipes).

In recent years there have been more and more cooking shows on TV, as well as cooking sites on the Internet or magazines. Giallo Zafferano is one of the most popular and reputable. Here you will find all kinds of Italian recipes - starters, pasta sauces, main dishes, desserts - and a blog about the kitchen experiments of the users on the net. There are also monthly issues with seasonal series on special dishes!

Ciak Magazine

Are you a big movie fan? Ciak is the most up-to-date magazine on the latest movie releases, nominations and reviews. In their monthly publication, the editors distribute awards to actors, filmmakers and productions.

Of course, there are also insights into the most important Italian film festivals. Together with BestMovie, it is the most popular Italian cinema magazine.

Rivista Studio

Finally, if you want to stay up to date with the cultural lifestyle of Italy, Rivista Studio magazine is for you. It appears once a quarter, four issues a year (you can also take out a subscription for a delivery abroad).

In this magazine you will find various articles on the most important current topics in Italy, such as new films or books. In addition, knowledgeable authors explain the peculiarities and characteristics of pop culture.