Online blackjack is a scam

Playing blackjack online - good and bad experiences in the live casino

If you play online blackjack in a live casino, you should first read carefully the good and bad experiences. Because blackjack is actually a very balanced game and has the lowest house edge of all casino games if you stick to the optimal blackjack strategy. So one should actually be able to make a profit from time to time when counting cards when playing online blackjack in online casinos.

In this chapter on online blackjack we want to clarify in which online casinos a fair blackjack game is offered and where one can speak of fraud. I will also present online blackjack tips and strategies with which you can at least temporarily help your luck with online blackjack money. In order to make long-term profits in the right casino, you have to learn to play blackjack online.


Before you gamble in an online casino, answer the following questions with YES:

  • You know your chances of winning exactly
  • You have no utopian hopes for profit
  • You can use the perfect blackjack strategy
  • You can count cards
  • You live in a place where it is legal to gamble at online casinos

If you can't answer YES to ALL of these questions, you shouldn't risk any money! Because you will lose it!

Better to sign up for a blackjack coaching session where you can do a lot Save time and money will use my tips from my 10 years of experience!

Online Blackjack Experience - Fair Play or Scam?

But for me the imbalance between the successes in real blackjack in a real casino and the losses in blackjack in the online casino is very serious. Of course, there is no benefit from counting cards in online casinos, but a realistic game of blackjack should still turn out to be profitable from time to time. I have played around 100 online casinos in the past 10 years and lost everything in almost all of them, which was mostly a free no-deposit bonus.

The assumption that things are not going well is therefore obvious. But before you raise such serious allegations as rip-offs or fraud, you should look at the topic from all sides and analyze it.

Online blackjack strategy and tips

Online casinos are businesses that make money by making people risk - and lose - money.

The business looks like this: The online casino offers entertainment, thrills, (hypothetical) prospects of profit. In contrast to a real casino, however, this prospect of winning is not a concrete one, as the online casino works with software. This can make the difference between luck and bad luck in the interest of the casino.

However, there are now only online casinos that use an RNG - an external random number generator to stimulate randomness. This method has been checked by some third-party companies and confirmed for correctness. And yet in some online casinos you have the feeling that you are being ripped off.

As a rule, this cannot be proven. You would have to play a lot of rounds to make a statement about the probability. Not 100 rounds, not 1000, but around a million rounds. But because of the built-in house edge in casino games, this is a guarantee of going bankrupt.

It doesn't matter either, because no one will ever play that many rounds. What matters is what happens in the relatively short time after you've deposited money into your online casino account. That is why in future we will test the fair game of blackjack in online casinos using precise measurement methods. First of all, it is important to clarify:

How to recognize fraud in online blackjack

  • You lose important / high stakes
  • One has a long time Loss series
  • Bad beats make you lose

In order to test fair play in the online casino, we have developed the following measuring methods for blackjack:

Chances of winning at blackjack in the online casino

In a relatively even game like blackjack, the casino has a house edge of around 1% if you stick to the perfect blackjack strategy and always take the mathematically correct action.

With a stake of € 100 that would be a mathematical loss of € 1. Everything about it is so bad luck. All that is about it is happiness.

Now you only have to play 100 rounds with a € 1 stake with a stake of € 100. This can be done in 20 minutes and is not very meaningful. Unless the deviation of 1% is already so large that one could speak of rip-offs and fraud.

To calculate the statistical chance of winning, we simply play as many rounds as possible and note the stake, win, loss and the number of rounds. We particularly look at long series of losses or winning series.

Important hands / high stakes

To win at blackjack you should vary your stakes. If things are going well, bet more and bridge the streak of bad luck with a minimum bet.

If you normally only bet one euro and risk three or five euros every now and then, you naturally want to have the fairest possible chances at higher stakes. That is why these are particularly in focus and we consider them independently of the overall statistics.

One of the most important hands is:

  • Bets with more than the minimum bet
  • Doubling
  • Split

Bad beat index

The Bad beat index is an invention of Radek Vegas. This measures the relationship between luck and bad luck. A Bad beat is by definition a defeat with a combination of cards with which, statistically speaking, you have more than 50% chance of winning against the dealer card.

The bad beat index at a glance

  • Start at +10
  • Defeat = -1
  • Win = +1
  • Bad Beat = -2
  • Bad beat when doubling or betting higher = -3
  • Good beat = +2
  • Good beat if doubled or bet more = +3
  • Stopping: bad beat index less than +5

This is how the bad beat index works

You start the index at +10. If you lose a hand with a bad beat, where you are statistically the favorite at the beginning, you count -2.

Of course, there is also the other side of the coin: the Good beat when you win as an outsider. In this case you count +2.

When this is the case, the following modification of the blackjack strategy table shows: Green means favorite (defeat = bad beat), blue is balanced, red means outsider (victory = good beat).

After a certain number of rounds (100/1000) you can specify the bad beat index of an online casino.

So that you can recognize longer streaks of bad luck, you count all other losses with -1 and all “normal” wins with +1.

A bad beat beat with a doubling and a high stake counts -3.

If the bad beat index is between +5 and 0, you should end the session and - if at all - continue playing on another day.

Bad Beat - defeat as a favorite

The term "Bad beat”Actually comes from poker jargon. There it means that you lose with an actually better hand. Usually through an unlikely turn at the last second. Unlikely, but not impossible!

Of course, there are bad beats like this in poker, blackjack, and everything in life. This is also called bad luck. But if the bad luck is noticeably frequent, then one speaks of one Bad luck. This is also not unusual - especially not when it comes to gambling. Since you are usually the outsider, the subjective bad luck is usually not real bad luck, but normality.

But if the streak of bad luck goes on forever and you lose your money in one online casino after the other, then this is a sign, especially with blackjack, that something is not going well. Because normally the odds of winning blackjack are almost 50/50.