Mathematics for Engineers 1st semester book

Maths for Engineers 1 & 2 Study Booklet Set

Would you like an all-round carefree package for your exam preparation at a special price? Then this is the exclusive combination of ours two study books for the subject Math for engineers exactly what you are looking for and at a special price.

  • 304 pages
  • clear explanations
  • 235 educational videos by Daniel Jung
  • 331 tasks including solutions

Product description

With the help of our study books, you will prepare yourself optimally for the exam-relevant content of your Lecture Mathematics 1 & 2 for all engineering courses in front. You benefit from 304 pages of learning material and 235 pages matching explanatory videos of education ambassador and math rock star Daniel Jung.

The focus is primarily on conveying the content and not on 100% mathematical correctness in all its facets. It is precisely these detailed, mathematical, in some eyes almost cryptic notations - as they can be found by default in all university scripts and books - a thorn in the side of many students when understanding the content.

In no way do we want to downplay the importance of such notations. On the contrary: mathematics as such lives from this precision in its definitions, propositions and proofs. For newcomers to the world of “university mathematics”, however, precisely this can lead to mathematics being quickly labeled as torture instead of being discovered with fascination. Although the following quote by the famous mathematician Georg Cantor leaves room for interpretation in many ways, we use it for this study booklet:

The essence of mathematics is its freedom!

This learning booklet represents an alternative approach to the topics. We are of the opinion that an understanding of the fundamental, content-related relationships of the subject areas can be built on, right up to mathematical correctness. In lectures, the exact opposite route is usually taken. You could say that this study book is the famous other side of the coin.

Included in the set: Math 1 for engineers and Math 2 for engineers

ISBN: 9783947506378

Table of Contents

Math 1 for engineers

This 156-page study booklet guides you through the relevant content of the Mathematics 1 lecture for all engineering courses. The topics in the magazine:

  1. Mathematical tool case
  2. Analytical geometry
  3. Complex numbers
  4. consequences
  5. Rows
  6. Features - Basics
  7. Differentiation, derivatives
  8. Integrations, antiderivatives

Math 2 for engineers

This 148-page learning booklet guides you through the relevant content of the Mathematics 2 lecture for all engineering courses. The topics in the magazine:

  • Linear Algebra
    • Matrices
    • Systems of linear equations
    • Inverse of a matrix
    • Vector spaces
    • Linear (in) dependency
    • Base transformation
    • Linear maps
    • Determinant
    • Eigenvalues ​​/ vectors / spaces
    • Definiteness
  • Analysis of several variables
    • consequences
    • continuity
    • Differentiation, derivatives
    • Applications of differentiation
    • Potentials
  • Differential equations
    • Notations
    • Typifications
    • Overarching solution approaches

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