What are the greatest secrets of Russia

One of Russia's greatest secrets

Yes, that's what it says in “Bild” today. And further?

“His statement was one of Russia's greatest secrets:‘ Yes, I saw a UFO! ’This is what Pavel Popovich (now 75), one of the most respected cosmonauts in the Soviet empire, reported to the KGB. (...) Only now are the files released: 124 pages of explosive secret knowledge, locked in a blue folder. "


fact is: Even if Popovich's UFO sighting in 1978 should have been one of Russia's greatest secrets, it has been known for longer than “Bild” believes: Already 2002 his description was shown as a video at a UFO congress, 2003 quoted in the Russian newspaper “Komsomolskaya Pravda” and now (one and a half weeks ago) also in “Pravda”.

fact is also that Popovich's statement has nothing to do with the KGB's “Blue Folder” because the file only lists Soviet UFO sightings from 1982 to 1990. Anyway, the real news of the “Pravda” report is that Popovich has now officially made the KGB files available to the public.

Because that the Italian Center for UFO Studies (CISU) does 2003 pointed out that the so-called "blue folder" already 1995 fully translated as an appendix to a book (Roberto Pinotti, “UFO: Top Secret”, Bompiani, 436 pp.), and the fact that the files have been quoted extensively since then is unfortunately also one fact.

But okay, at least the online version of the article at Bild.de is even more absurd. There it says about the ukrainian Cosmonaut that time a UFO wants to have seen:

With thanks to Robert B. and others for the suggestion as well as Kati and Mandy for the Russian.