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United States: Full pockets, few fans

Alexander U. Mathé

Washington. Money is the best indicator of who will become President of the United States of America. At least since 1968, the candidate who has raised the most campaign donations has always won the election. The only exception - if you will - was the re-election of Bill Clinton in 1996, who had a bottom line of slightly less with $ 108.5 million than his competitor Bob Dole with $ 110.2 million. In return, as the incumbent, he had a home advantage.

Now it is difficult to say whether the money will really buy the victory in the end, or whether the donors only - as it were in the sense of a functioning market economy - unerringly recognize the most promising candidate and give them the majority of their money. After all, if they bet on the right horse, the donors will also receive a corresponding profit in the form of a policy that is benevolent towards their interests. The fact remains, however, that the candidate with the most money also has the best chance of winning the race.

Bush already has $ 128 million in donations

As a result, Jeb Bush was the logical top favorite for the presidential candidacy among the Republicans from the start. According to calculations by the "Center for Public Integrity", 128 million dollars have already flowed into his war chest. The only one who even comes close to this sum is Hillary Clinton, who wants to buy the ticket for the presidential election on the Democratic side and was able to flush almost 98 million into the purse. The party-internal competition, on the other hand, has only put up half as much as Bush. The closest pursuers are Ted Cruz with 65 million and Marco Rubio with 50 million.

But so far others have been in the limelight and have led, or lead, the surveys. First it was the rumbling hater of Mexican immigrants, Donald Trump, then America's most famous doctor, Ben Carson, who likes to compare what he does not like with slavery - whether it is about abortion mothers or the health care reform of President Barack Obama. According to the opinion research institute Realclearpolitics, the average of the most important surveys results in the following ranking of the first five applicants for the Republican presidential candidacy: 1. Donald Trump (25.3 percent), 2. Ben Carson (24), 3. Marco Rubio (9), 4th Ted Cruz (7.5) and only in 5th place comes Jeb Bush (6.5).