What's nested in Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere CC Workflow: Nesting + Warp Stabilization

Hello friends,

I'm relatively new to Adobe Premiere (previously only Magix) and have a question about the workflow. I am going to cut a video. So I cut about 120 clips and now they are in the timeline. Almost all clips have been adjusted in speed.Now the following things should be applied to the videos:

  • Color grading
  • partially soft aperture between the clips
  • Warp Stabilization

Unfortunately, I threw it all up a bit on my first try. First I had the bezels in there (but I had to redo the nesting), then I did the color grading. Then I interconnected all the clips individually (nest) so that I can apply the warp stabilizer. This does not seem to be compatible with a changed speed of the clips. After that I made the soft bezels on the nested clips again.

My problem with the procedure now is that the video transitions have all gone wrong. The soft bezels really don't look good anymore. Some of my clips had specially made zoom transitions (1st clip zoom in with soft focus, 2nd clip zoom out with soft focus). These don't look so smooth anymore and hang a little.

Do any of you have any ideas for a better workflow? How do I get all the things I want on the videos without them affecting each other? Fortunately, I saved the project right after cutting and can then do the 3 things mentioned again with a proper workflow.