Which hero got the most angry?

First bad, then good: film villains who later became heroes

Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, who will win the coolness comparison? Would Marvel-Fans among you prefer to hang out with Loki or Thor? And aren't you also for Jason, Freddy and whatever their name is in horror films?

We should cheer for the good guys so that they save the world, but let's be honest - the bad guys are often much cooler. And some are so cool that they become heroes, or at least anti-heroes, in later films. Sometimes it’s the natural course of things, that’s story-wise, when they’re out to make amends, sometimes forced by the studio to benefit even more from the popularity of these (ex) villains.

Here are ten examples of films or film series that gave their villains a second chance - evil becomes good!

The T-800

In the first Terminator The T-800 was still an unstoppable killing machine, sent from the future to the present for one purpose only: to kill Sarah Connor. Arnold Schwarzenegger had the role of the emotionless cyborg, who clears everything and everyone out of the way, also great. The film found a lot of fans, Arnie became a star - andJames Cameron recruitsTerminator 2 - Day of Reckoning everything upside down. Instead of a villain, the T-800 returned as a protector, which suited both the story and Schwarzenegger's hero image at the time.

Richard B. Riddick

Pitch Black - Planet of Darkness joined usVin Diesels Richard B. Riddick is known, a deadly felon who can see in the dark and is otherwise quite badass. However, you could clearly see that he doesn't give a damn about his colleagues and only helps them as long as it helps him. In the sequel Riddick - Chronicles of a Warrior he was still grumpy, but a much nicer guy and a real hero. Maybe a tad too nice and heroic, because Riddick - Survival is his revenge again portrayed him more as an antihero.

Hannibal Lecter

How do you disenchant a fascinating villain? By showing in a superfluous prequel how he became who we know him to be. Anthony Hopkins shined twice as the cannibalized serial killer Hannibal Lecter before Gaspard Ulliel in Hannibal Rising - How it all began played his younger version. And this young Hannibal was actually all right. He murdered to avenge his eaten sister, so he had heroic motives for his actions. He also got an appetite for human flesh because revenge makes you hungry.

Yuri Boyka

The boxer who was in Undisputed - victory without fame nor the evil adversary of Wesley Snipes was in Undisputed 2 promoted to protagonist. And there he competed against an evil Russian fighter named Yuri Boyka. It's only logical that this boyka then turns into Undisputed 3 - Redemption came out big while trying to rehabilitate himself. A merit from the actors Scott Adkinswho did so well that at Boyka - Undisputed 4 was broken with the sapling-change-yourself strategy and he was allowed to remain the hero. Now also title hero.


In the first X-Men-Film trilogy when she was still fromRebecca Romijn was played, Mystique was wholeheartedly behind top villain Magneto. And shared his goal of wiping out humanity before it wipes out the mutants, no matter what the cost. That saw in the prequel trilogy that featuredX-Men - First decision started looking very different. Although she joined Magneto's cause, Mystique was never completely under the spell of evil. At the time of X-Men - Apocalypse had she even developed into a leader - what on Jennifer Lawrences Popularity could be.

Storm Shadow

Had a lot to say Byung-hun Lee not as Storm Shadow, and yet he stabbed in G.I. Joe - Cobra's secret mission through his martial arts. Nothing beats a cool ninja who messes with another cool ninja (Snake Eyes). Storm Shadow was a villain through and through in the first part, turned intoG.I. Joe 2 - The reckoning in the end it turns out that he is not such a usual journeyman and not at all the murderer of their common master. Ha! So it came about that he went over to the Joes and allied with them against Cobra in order to get revenge.


In the original, Godzilla was something like a walking metaphor for the atomic bombs being dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a monster that cuts a cutting edge of destruction through Japan. Many more films with him followed, and he was generally seen as a hero - sometimes a life-saving superhero, sometimes more of an antihero who doesn't care about collateral damage. Whenever a nasty new monster shows up, Godzi is there to knock it down. It was the same in the last USGodzilla. Sure, people were trampled on, but we're still celebrating it.


Okay, that's a little unfair of us, the T-Rex ladyJurassic Park to be presented as "evil". After all, she's just an animal that was cloned 65 million years after its time without asking her first. Who could blame her for not being in the best of moods? Nonetheless, it caused a lot of trouble for park operators and visitors - and then twenty years later in Jurassic World to celebrate a furious comeback. Rexy rose to be a heroine when she showed the old Indominus Rex how a tyrannosaurus fights. Yeah

The Winter Soldier

From good to bad and back again:Sebastian Stans Bucky Barnes has been through quite a bit in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He stood inCaptain America - The First Avenger still cap to the side, he came across in the sequelThe Return of the First Avenger back as a Winter Soldier, brainwashed by Hydra and pimped up into a cyborg super soldier. Then slowly but surely to get closer to his old, good self. InThe First Avenger - Civil War Bucky was more of an antihero and continued to mend. Where does his path still lead?

Deckard Shaw

One Jason Statham You don't burn it off as a one-way villain, that would be a waste. They also came to this conclusion Fast & Furious 8-Maker who made his Deckard Shaw, the bastard Fast & Furious 7 - Time for Retribution, unceremoniously reactivated for the eighth part and incorporated into the "family". So Shaw is now fighting for the good and can continue with him in the future Dwayne Johnson's Hobbs, who used to act as an opponent himself, squabble. Not to mention his brother ... Im Fast & Furious-Franchise everyone gets a second chance.