How was the relationship between Britain and Vietnam historically

Development through migration

Karin Weiss

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Numerous Vietnamese were qualified or worked there in the GDR. The networks that they have built between Vietnam and Germany are described.


When people in the Federal Republic of Germany talk about immigration from Vietnam, they usually refer to the migrants who were admitted to the Federal Republic as Vietnamese quota refugees in the 1970s with strong public sympathy. [1] Far less known is the immigration of the Vietnamese, who came to the GDR as pupils, students, trainees and interns since the early 1950s or were employed as contract workers in the GDR from the early 1980s. Many of them returned to Vietnam after completing their training or their work assignment and made considerable contributions to the development of Vietnam and German-Vietnamese relations. [2]

As early as 1955, students from Vietnam were accepted into the GDR. After a group from North Korea, they were the second group of children to receive school and professional training in the GDR as part of a solidarity campaign. In 1955/56 the first 348 children entered the GDR and were accepted in Dresden and Moritzburg. Many of these children, who came to the GDR between the ages of 10 and 14, did not return to Vietnam until they were adults. Despite the most varied of biographies, they still share their life in the GDR in Vietnam, and they still bear the name "Moritzburger" today. They meet regularly and, in their various professions and social positions, have influenced the development of today's Vietnam, as is shown in detail in Mirjam Freytag's whereabouts study. [3]

After the "Moritzburgers", further groups of Vietnamese came to the GDR for qualification. In particular, as part of the "Solidarity helps win" campaign in the mid-sixties to the mid-seventies, many students, schoolchildren and apprentices from Vietnam were trained in the GDR in order to support the "socialist brother country". [4] Even after the unification of the two Vietnamese states, pupils, students, apprentices and scientists from Vietnam continued to go to the GDR for qualifications.