What are the dimensions for the wall thickness

Our room doors and frames fit these standard dimensions!

Would you like to order new doors, but don't know what size you need? No problem, we will be pleased to help you!

In order to determine which dimension you need, you must first take a so-called measurement. You go through the individual doors or door openings, take measurements with a folding rule and note the results on a measurement sheet. Here you can find our measurement instructions with measurement sheet

The size to be ordered depends on your wall opening. The dimensions always apply from the upper edge of the finished floor. With the wall thickness of the frames, wall coverings such as tiles or a tile pattern must always be taken into account.

If the dimensions given here do not match your wall openings, you need doors in special dimensions. Please ask us about them.

Height of door and frame

Wall opening
Height of door leaf
(Order size)
200.0 - 202.0 cm198.5 cm
212.5-214.5 cm 211.0 cm

Width of door and frame

Width of your
Wall opening
Width door leaf
(Order size)
62.5 - 65.5 cm61.0 cm
75.0 - 79.0 cm73.5 cm
87.5 - 91.5 cm86.0 cm
100.0 - 104.0 cm98.5 cm

In new buildings, it is advisable to make the wall opening approx. 10-15 mm wider than the wall opening in accordance with DIN standards, in order to prevent unnecessary chiselling work on the masonry.

Wall thickness of the frame

Strength of your wall
(Adjustment range of the frame)
Wall thickness frame
(Order size)
8.0-9.7 cm8.0 cm
9.8-11.7 cm10.0 cm
11.8-13.7 cm12.0 cm
13.8-15.7 cm14.0 cm
15.8-17.7 cm16.0 cm
17.8-19.7 cm18.0 cm
19.8-21.7 cm20.0 cm
21.8-23.7 cm22.0 cm
23.8-25.7 cm24.0 cm
26.3-27.9 cm26.5 cm
28.0-29.7 cm28.0 cm
29.8-31.7 cm30.0 cm
32.8-34.7 cm33.0 cm

If the measured wall thickness is smaller than the order size of the frame, there is a small gap of a few mm between the wall and the frame cladding, which may have to be sprayed out with painter's acrylic. The specified adjustment range of the frame can be exceeded by 3 mm, but then the cladding must be glued.

Here you can find our measurement instructions with measurement sheet