A bank will show me ATMs

ATM fraud

Procedure of the perpetrator

In order to get possession of the card data, the perpetrators install a card in front of the ATM's card slot manipulated card reader or even a full faceplate. These manipulated card readers are optically adapted to the model of the cash dispenser (same color, same sticker) and manufactured in such a way that the inserted bank card is transported through the illegal reader to the original card reader.

This is how they are Account data read out and savedwithout affecting the cash dispenser and causing the customer to become suspicious. To get to the PIN, the Typing in the PIN number recorded with a camera or a photo cell phone.


There are different locations to install the (mini) camera or the photo cell phone:

  • Above the PIN keypad, a panel or bar (camera bar) that is specially designed for the type of cash dispenser is attached. The (mini) camera or photo cell phone is then able to record all PIN entries on the keyboard over a longer period of time.
  • In the privacy protection devices attached next to or above the keyboard.


There are further options for spying out the PIN:

  • the attachment of a deceptively real-looking keyboard dummy
  • an add-on card reader with an integrated camera


The criminally obtained data is used to make copies of payment cards that the perpetrators can use to withdraw money from the victims' accounts. Since a chip attached to (original) payment cards cannot be copied and therefore counterfeit cards do not have this feature (checked and compared by German ATMs), counterfeit cards are usually used in (non-European) countries.