What are some cool smart home devices

AVM: Smart Home with Fritzbox - all devices and options

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

Set up a smart home around the Fritzbox. For comparatively little money you get more comfort and save heating costs. We present all smart home devices from AVM: adapter plugs, heating thermostats, smart LEDs, buttons.

EnlargeAVM: Smart Home with Fritzbox and the right accessories

AVM is always introducing new accessories for the intelligent home: switchable adapter plugs with which you can switch lamps, kettles, coffee machines and other electrical devices on and off and measure the room temperature. A radiator thermostat with which you may save heating costs and always have it cozy and warm at home. Radio button for convenient switching of the adapter plug. A controllable and dimmable LED. AVM is even targeting the Smart Garden. We explain all smart home and smart garden products from AVM and their technical concept.

AVM offers these smart home accessories

Fritz Dect 200/210: adapter plug / switchable sockets

With Fritz Dect 200 and Fritz Dect 210 you can switch the electrical devices connected to them on and off, measure their power consumption and measure and record the ambient temperature. In addition, the AVM Radiator Thermostat Dect 301 can use the temperature values ​​from Fritz Dect 200 and 210 to control the heating.

Switching takes place spontaneously as well as programmed or time-controlled. With the Fritz Dect 200 up to 2300 watts / 10 amps are allowed, with the Fritz Dect 210 the connected devices can even have a power consumption of up to 3450 watts and up to 15 amps of current. The Fritz Dect 210 is also splash-proof and works at temperatures between -20 and +40 degrees (the Dect 200, on the other hand, only between 0 and 40 degrees). This makes the Fritz Dect 210 ideal for use in the garden or on the terrace.

Adapter:Detailed test of the Fritz Dect 200

Splash-proof adapter plug:Detailed test of the Fritz Dect 210

EnlargeDect 200 left and right, in the middle Dect 210

There are no Fritz Dect sockets for flush mounting.

Price comparison: the best offers for AVM Fritz Dect 200 and 210

Fritz Dect 301: Programmable radiator thermostat

With the Fritz Dect 301 (predecessor: Fritz Dect 300) you replace the thermostat that is on your radiator. After the replacement - which is quick and easy with modern radiators with the widespread M30 x 1.5 mm connection thread and can be reversed at any time - you can set two different temperatures for the radiator: a comfort temperature when you are comfortably warm want to have, and a saving temperature, for example for at night and the times when nobody is home.

A smart radiator thermostat is always a gain in comfort: you will already have a warm apartment when you get up. By doing without unnecessary heating, you may also save money and still be warm. Especially since you can change the heating power at any time by hand, from the Fritz phone and from the My Fritz app while on the move. Further extras are window open detection, frost protection switching, holiday switching and temperature measurement.

Cool: Since the Fritz Dect 301 you can read the set temperature at any time on the thermostat because it has an e-ink display. The display can also be aligned as desired, making it easier to read.

Detailed test: Fritz Dect 301/300

Fritz Dect 300/301: Check window open detection and readjust

Smart thermostats like Fritz Dect 300 and 301 have a function that switches them off when a nearby window is opened. You should always use this window-open detection when the Fritz Dect 300/301 is attached to a radiator that is below or at least close to a window.

Important: Observe the effectiveness or reliability of this function in the first days and weeks. If the thermostat does not switch off when the window is open or the thermostat even turns up really strong when the window is open, then you should set the sensitivity of the window-open detection sharper. In our case, for example, the Fritz Dect 301 does not switch off with the "medium" setting of the window open detection, although the window is wide open and air flows from around 0 degrees onto the radiator. On the contrary, the Fritz Dect 301 now turns it up fully to maintain the set target temperature.