Which rock songs are your favorites

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All Saints' Day on Ö3 - This is a very special day. We bow to the music legends and play all of their immortal hits. These songs are presented by Sheyda Kharrazi and Benny Hörtnagel. In advance they revealed which of these songs and performers they associate with something very special ... These are Benny's favorites!

Linkin Park - "Crawling"

"It was the first time I fully fell into this shout voice from Chester Bennington - Linkin Park has always been there since then, Chester Bennington's death has touched and hit me very much!"

Amy Winehouse - "Rehab"

"A life between genius and madness, the movie" Amy "flashed me more than any other film."

Robert Miles - "Children"

“For a long time my absolute favorite song as a teenager (lovesick and stupid phase), I still fall into it every time today. Recommendation: the 6-minute version. "

Chris Cornell - "You Know My Name"

"Absolute favorite" James Bond "title track and not for nothing the song for the first Bond film (" Casino Royale ") with Daniel Craig."

Georg Danzer - "Let mi amoi no d’sun be blessed"

"The Donauinselfest concert, which Rainhard Fendrich took over for him after his death, was one of the most emotional for me."

Notorious BIG - "Hypnotize"

"I heard the last weekend in a club for a long time and everyone is still going crazy about it - even people who were only born after his death."


Jam & Spoon - "Right in the night"

“You don't have to know how to dance to move. At first I thought there was something about the CD because it was so fast ... I was a big Jam & Spoon fan. "

Tom Petty - "Free Fallin"

"This is one of the very first songs that I consciously remember and that I consciously heard on the radio in the kitchen of my parents' house."

Falco - "Jeanny"

"The question" Where were you when ...! "I can answer exactly! In the car in Tyrol with my sister, the breaking news came on the radio:" Falco is dead! " The first pop star whose death I consciously saw - I was pretty flashed back then. "

Bronski Beat - "Smalltown Boy"

“One of the best and strongest melodies in music history. An absolute hymn. "

Rock and Roll is dead - Music from Heaven with Sheyda Kharrazi and Benny Hörtnagl, November 1st, 2017