Who built Buland Darwaza

The Mughal ghost town in Fatehpur Sikri

Our driver recommended that we stop for food after visiting the bird sanctuary, otherwise it would be too late. We could rely on his recommendation and gratefully accepted it. A new restaurant with rather mediocre dishes (so no pictures of it). The driver had also had no experience with the restaurant.

It went on. Fatehpur Sikri is 40 kilometers from our destination. Here was our next stop. A bus took us from the parking lot to a hill. The entire facility is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

First we saw the mighty entrance gate Buland Darwaza (Victory Gate). This victory gate is 54 meters high and can be reached via a few steps.

Once at the top we entered the Jama Mosque. A huge inner courtyard awaited us.

Striking in this courtyard is the white mausoleum of Sheikh Salim Chisti. Above all women "pilgrimage" to the shrine and associate the hope for a son.

We left this area again through the main gate and went to the royal palace.

A young woman was sitting on the steps ... Was the goat one of them?

The royal palace towers majestically in reddish brown above the city and the rest of the landscape. Why now ghost town? The palace was built between 1569 and 1574 and Mughal Mughal Akbar moved in with his entourage in 1571. In 1585 he moved his seat again and moved out. In addition to campaigns, which he could lead better from other places, it was the lack of water.

On the way we passed the Indian Elvis.

First we reached the entrance to the harem complex. Up to 300 harem ladies are said to have lived here.

We leave the harem complex and continue walking in the palace complex. The Panch Mahal is a five-story building supported by pillars. It narrows to a single tower chamber.

View over the water basin.

The audience hall in the palace complex.

The audience hall is richly decorated.

We took the bus back to the parking lot.

Of course, what is always a part of it (and must not be forgotten) is the garbage.

On the way to Agra we had a nice sunset.

Here in the hotel we had our swimming pool again and we did our laps in the dark before we made ourselves comfortable in the room.

The highlight was announced for the next day: Taj Mahal


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