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Do you know your blood type? Rapid blood group test for everyone

By Sabine Schröter e.K., Medical Devices Diagnostics 2020

It plays a crucial role in your own health and can even be of vital importance: your own blood group. There even appears to be a link with regard to susceptibility to Covid-19. But very few Germans know their blood type. The Eldon Heim Komplet 2511 rapid blood group test can be carried out easily, reliably and safely at home.

A, B, AB or 0? Rh factor negative or positive? If these questions make you ponder, then you are in good company: According to a representative survey, only about every tenth German citizen can say what blood type they have. The younger generation is often ignorant. These are frightening numbers, as blood type plays a prominent role in terms of one's own health. Example: accident. Knowledge can save lives here: “In an emergency, every minute often counts. Knowing about your own blood group can significantly accelerate the processes and treatment with the right blood products can be carried out more quickly, "explains Sabine Schröter, Managing Director of Sabine Schröter e.K. - Medical Device Diagnostics. She is responsible for selling ELDON's rapid tests BIOLOGICALS A / S. For more than 40 years, the Danish company has been producing dry format cards as a quick test for the professional determination of the blood group within the AB0-RhD systems - for clinics, laboratories and medical practices and now also as a home kit for everyone.

Not only important in an emergency

The result of the blood group test is not only relevant for emergencies, it can also lay the foundation for a healthy diet. In nutritional advice, for example, the blood group is used as the basis for diet planning. American researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston have also found in a study that a person's risk of heart attack also depends on their blood type. Carriers of the rare blood group AB are therefore most at risk. People in groups A or B are also more prone to coronary artery blockage. “Against this background, carriers of the corresponding blood groups should first have a doctor checked out before they start major sporting activities. Knowing the blood group can therefore make a decisive contribution to preventing health risks, "emphasizes Sabine Schröter.

Covid-19: blood group influences the course of the disease