What are some top 10 books

Are you looking for new reading material? Browse through our wide selection of the very latest books and discover captivating, informative and polarizing works for young and old that are currently storming the bestseller lists of various genres.

Bestselling books: discover polarizing works

Are you looking for new reading material? Then browse through our large selection of current and popular works. Discover informative and engaging books that are currently storming the bestseller lists of various genres. Because these help you to discover new, exciting and interesting titles or to get an overview. In addition to mirror and focus, we also offer you an overview of the book bestsellers. For example, discover lists of current highlights from the following genres:


Do you love fiction? Then click through the bestselling novels books. You can discover the most popular works by well-known authors from Germany and around the world as well as newcomers. In addition to real novelties, the best-selling classics are of course also among the books on the bestseller list. There is no easier way to find current trends. Then simply order your favorite bestsellers at home. And you can start browsing.

Youth books

You can of course also find out from us which books are among the bestsellers among young people. Use the bestseller list as a guide to find a suitable title. Especially if you are looking for a gift and want to know what is currently trendy, the compilation of the bestsellers for young people can help you. Get inspiration from the best-selling titles and find the right one.

Children's books

Would you like to provide your little darling with new reading material and still don't know exactly which book it should be? Then browse through our bestsellers and discover trendy reading material for children of different ages.

Detective stories and thrillers

We also have a bestseller list with the latest books for hobby detectives and thriller fans. Discover popular highlights and new reading material. Take a look at the list of best-selling works for inspiration or get inspiration for a gift. It couldn't be more convenient.


Are you interested in topics such as nutrition, psychology or natural sciences and would like to get an overview of the current book market? Then just browse through our bestsellers non-fiction books and choose the right work.

Cook and bake

You can try out new recipes with these bestselling books. Get inspiration from the various titles on the subject of cooking and basins - they will help you get creative. Simply order your favorites from us online and have them conveniently delivered to your desired address. And you're good to go!