Who is Joanne Burns

Joanne Burns

war is a noun and so is peace. like armchairs, uranium is a noun.
plutonium and transpiration are both nouns, each of which has four syllables.
happiness and horror are also nouns.

Develop is a catchphrase and hurry as well as equip, that at the same time
noun is like for example in betting. Another verb is explode.

beautiful and skillful are both adjectives. they add to the noun
additional information, for example: nice perspiration sent uranium.

slow, fast, immediately, courageous are circumspect and do
verbs more interesting, for example: they exploded courageously

it is a pronoun and takes the place of the noun. exactly like you,
we, he, she, us, them. anyone you know could be an advocate.

and is a connective word and as such it combines everything into a single long chain of sentences.
in some situations, however, it is advisable to replace the unds with three dots

from the Australian English by Ulf Stolterfoht

also in: Wedding of the Elements. Contemporary Australian poetry.
Edited by Ivor Indyk
Cologne: Du Mont 2004