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Sugar cane molasses What substances does molasses contain?


1 Sugar cane molasses What substances does molasses contain? Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to list all the ingredients in the natural product sugar cane molasses. Sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum) is a plant from the sweet grass family. Like all grasses, it contains thousands and thousands of plant-derived colors and flavors, vitamins and minerals. The colors and flavors, also known as secondary plant substances, have an antioxidant effect and thus act as a radical scavenger, antimicrobial, anticarcinogenic (against cancer) and anti-inflammatory. Unfortunately, to this day only about 5% of the secondary plant substances have been pharmacologically examined. Of the few that have been researched so far, many are found with extremely positive properties. When combined, it can be said that most of them are essential to life. They increase their effectiveness and regenerate vitamins. They repair DNA damage and trap cancer-causing substances in the body before they can damage healthy cells and much more. Molasses contains a high number of phytochemicals, the exact number is still unknown. Most of these phytochemicals are heat-stable and survive the molasses manufacturing process. These also give it some look and taste. Molasses contains not only sugar and other carbons, but also vitamins, raw protein (amino acids), various minerals and trace elements. All B vitamins, but also the amino acids histidine, phenylalanine, leucine, isoleucine, valine, threonine and glutamic acid are found in molasses. Furthermore, minerals and trace elements such as selenium, copper, cobalt, chromium, iron, manganese, zinc, sodium, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, magnesium, chloride and calcium. Many of these minerals and trace elements are important for bone metabolism. Osteoporosis does not come automatically as a result of hormone deficiency in old age, but rather as a result of deficiencies in important minerals and trace elements. It is not a drug or a drug, but a kind of "anti-aging natural product" of the highest quality. Molasses provides exactly the nutrients that are necessary to harmonize & strengthen our organism & should not be missing in any household. The secret of their healing power lies in the optimal synergetic composition, which is an easily absorbable natural product. (Analysis results from various tests:% water,% sucrose,% invert sugar, 6-9% ash, mg / 100 g potassium, mg / 100 g calcium, mg / 100 g magnesium, mg / 100 g iron, 0.5-1 , 5 mg / 100 g copper, mg / 100 g phosphorus, traces of chromium, most of the B group vitamins (with the exception of vitamin B1). Molasses is rich in vitamin B6, pantothenic acid and inositol; an important component of molasses is the interaction of phosphoric acid and potassium, as a deficiency of this species can lead to a general breakdown of cells, especially in the brain and nerves. What are the minerals in molasses important for? With just two teaspoons of molasses you cover your mineral requirements for potassium 10%, magnesium 17% and calcium, iron and copper even 20%. Raw sugar-cane molasses contains approx. 50% fructose. Dietary supplements with these minerals are not only for people who have one-sided diet , important but also to special living conditions, like et wa growth phase in children, pregnancy and breastfeeding, in the second half of life, with exercise.

2 The vitamin B complex: This includes the following vitamins: B1, B2, B6, niacins, pantothenic acid, folic acid and biotin. This vitamin B complex is essential for a large number of important body functions. It promotes eyesight, prevents corneal diseases. Skin diseases and disorders of the central nervous system as well as anemia and iron deficiency are positively influenced. The vitamins of the B group promote biosynthesis and wound healing. The fat metabolism and carbohydrate metabolism are activated. The hormone production of the adrenal glands is also regulated by the B vitamins. Supports the body in the regeneration of skin, muscles and nerves. The importance of other minerals in molasses need potassium: Athletes and anyone who sweats a lot, everyone who takes laxatives, recommended for those with a tendency to high blood pressure. Calcium need: People who tend to be nervous, as calcium influences the course of the excitation processes in the nervous system. Magnesium needs: everyone who wants to do something good for their heart. Magnesium is regarded as the secret weapon against stress, good results are achieved with overexcited children. (more about magnesium and magnesium chloride) Iron needs: anyone who has problems with skin, hair and nails. Iron promotes blood formation. Copper needs: if you want to build up increased protection against infections and allergies. Phosphoric acid: an important component of molasses. A combined deficiency of this acid and potassium can lead to a general breakdown of cells, especially in the brain and nerves. Manganese is involved in the formation of important enzymes in the body. For example, pancreatic enzymes. It is important for the sugar balance and the structure of cartilage and bones and is involved in the formation of melanin in the skin. Zinc is important for the body's immune defenses. Zinc is involved in building up the body's own hormones. Selenium is important for the body's detoxification functions and is involved in the removal of heavy metals through the intestines. It plays an important role in the production of hormones in the thyroid gland and in fighting free radicals in the body. Chromium is present in traces in molasses. It prevents old-age diabetes through its regulating effect in the sugar hormone balance. Widespread underestimation of usefulness Hardly any natural product has been as underestimated in terms of its health-related effects as molasses. This viscous mass, obtained from sugar cane and sugar beet during sugar production, can have unbelievably positive effects on the entire human organism. This is despite the fact that molasses is treated like a waste product by the sugar processing industry. Molasses as a health and energy drink Molasses should be on the table regularly like the daily salt. The pure molasses can be taken at any time of the day, before, during or after meals. Overall, molasses can be easily dissolved in hot water, tea, milk or fruit juices. It tastes very pleasant. You take 1 teaspoon of black molasses and dissolve it in 1/2 cup of hot water and pour cold water into it until the cup is 2/3 full. The drink shouldn't be too hot or too cold. But you should always drink the molasses drink warm, as this way the molasses can be absorbed faster and better and is easier to digest.

3 In naturopathy, 1-2 teaspoons of molasses per day, dissolved in 1/4 L of warm water, are recommended. This is drunk at longer intervals as a deacidifying drink instead of other deacidifying agents = base drink. Energy drink for deacidification: stir 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder, 1/2 to full teaspoon of sugar cane molasses (or maple syrup, agave juice or honey) in 1/4 l of warm water and drink it in sips between meals. Caution> Do not drink later than 3:00 p.m. if you have difficulty falling asleep. Some types of application Sugar cane molasses can be used internally, but also externally as a face mask, poultice or as a bath additive. Molasses can be used in a variety of ways, e.g. - You can add them to various desserts as an enhancing measure - Milk or yoghurt can be refined with them - Sweeten various medicinal herbal teas with molasses - As a natural sleeping aid: drink 1 teaspoon of molasses well mixed in a cup of warm milk. - As a healthy sweetener for mueslis. - To optimize digestion: dissolve 1 teaspoon of molasses in ½ cup of hot water, then fill up to 2/3 with cold water. Stir in a teaspoon of a yeast preparation & some ginger powder. - For external injuries, eczema, tumors, boils & other wounds, you can make poultices with molasses & also take a teaspoon daily. - A mask with molasses can be applied to wrinkled facial skin. For all of the above areas, consume 1-3 teaspoons of molasses daily. - Molasses is also ideally suited for external wound application. But you should make sure that it is an unadulterated raw black molasses. - For particularly good digestion: see recipe w.o. add 1 teaspoon full of a yeast preparation and some ginger powder - to improve the taste you can add lemon juice as you wish - you also have good experiences with adding molasses to gold or lemon balm tea Why should molasses be taken diluted become? In order not to multiply any fungi in the intestine and blood, it is necessary to dilute the solution so well that the drink no longer tastes sweet. In this way, the valuable substances are also absorbed much better. Basic properties as a reason for health effects? While the isolated sugar is a strong acid generator, which increases intestinal and blood fungus strongly, the molasses does not bring any acid into the body. It even has a slightly basic effect. According to a study by the University of Ohio, molasses is particularly rich in a wide variety of vital substances (basic mineral salts, vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids). A total of 64 nutrients were found. Among other things, it contains plenty of vitamins that are necessary for healthy hair and nail growth. Often it has helped people with gray, thinning hair to circular hair loss to fuller, darker hair growth. The scalp (as well as the vein walls, synovial fluid & the bones in general) seem to be a base store & as long as this is filled with alkaline mineral salts, the hair grows strong and healthy. If this memory is emptied due to various previously described causes, then an early graying of the hair, increased hair loss & dry, flaky scalp or body skin in general occur. One refills the base storage

4 with easily assimilable basic salts, especially with potassium, as in the case of molasses, which also contains plenty of pantothenic acid, which is considered to be a vitamin of the B group as a hair restorer in humans and animals, so the hair can grow again. Growth and pigmentation of the hair are promoted by pantothenic acid. Pantothenic acid is important for the structure and normal function of tissues, especially the skin and mucous membranes. It helps with inflammation and infections of the mucous membranes (nose, bronchi, stomach and intestinal mucous membranes, etc.) & strengthens wound healing. Osteoarthritis and arthritis (hip joints, knee joints, etc.) were also significantly improved by internal and external treatment with molasses (compresses). The molasses also has a positive influence on the entire digestive tract. For example, it relieved constipation. It is also said to have eliminated negative intestinal germs. Use as an ancient natural remedy for home remedies Molasses not only provides the fuel through its sugars so that we can move and think, but it also provides the building blocks that are prefabricated by the plant with the help of sunlight, which are needed for daily cell renewal. While the body is being nourished, it is constantly being renewed. Furthermore, the repair systems of our organism are active day and night. Molasses is an ancient home remedy that was used very early on for many diseases. It is interesting that until the 18th century molasses was only sold by pharmacists in Europe and not as a sweetener, but as a medicine or mixed with other medicines to improve their taste. In earlier times, molasses was considered a panacea in many countries, even against cancer. Its areas of application are broad. Positive effects on arthritis and osteoarthritis (acute and chronic joint inflammation) or varicose veins, skin symptoms (eczema), disorders in the cardiovascular system, nervous disorders and digestive disorders have been reported. Even gallstones are said to have disappeared through the use of sugar cane molasses. There are also improvements in anemia, Alzheimer's disease, or anxiety disorders, but joint problems can also be treated with molasses. Lung diseases, high blood pressure, skin diseases react positively to molasses. Furthermore, circulatory disorders, growth disorders in fingernails and hair, even with white spot disease (vitiligo). Molasses has so far been successfully tested, among other things, in: cancer + tumors (e.g. apply liver directly as a wrap overnight), varicose veins, arthritis, weaknesses, ulcers, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, high blood pressure, angina pectoris, heart failure, constipation, varicose veins, menstrual pain, Colitis, stroke, anemia, hair loss, bladder problems, gallstones, weak nerves, regeneration after operations, acidification of the body. Several improvements have also been reported after stroke, thrombosis & severe venous disorders. Stroke & thrombosis certainly have something to do with an increased blood mycosis, so that we can conclude from the improvement of this serious condition that molasses has a positive effect on mycoses as well. Molasses for cancer? Even before the First World War, the late Dr. Forbes Ross drew attention to the values ​​of molasses in relation to cancer treatment. He pointed out that sugar plantation workers who constantly sucked cane rarely or never developed cancer. He attributed this to the high percentage of potassium salts in raw sugar cane. He was convinced that cancer was the result of a lack of potassium in the cell.

5 According to doctor Dr. Mark Sircus is very effective in the treatment of cancer, diabetes, radiation damage and kidney disease. Mark Sircus explains in his book "Sodium Bicarbonate: Rich Man's Poor Man's Cancer Treatment"; (Sodium bicarbonate: cancer therapy for rich and poor people) the use of sodium bicarbonate as the cheapest, safest and perhaps most effective cancer drug that has ever existed (but in combination with iodine, breathing exercises and magnesium chloride). According to Dr. Sircus destroy cancer cells at every stage of cancer. Dr. Sircus gives its patients the baking powder orally (in combination with maple syrup or molasses) and intravenously. He also recommends high doses of magnesium, usually through the skin in the form of liquid magnesium chloride, as a healing aid not only for cancer, but also for many other diseases. There are now many wonderful testimonials from people who have healed themselves with baking soda (in combination with molasses). Vernon Johnston from California, for example, who was inspired by a baking soda treatment by Mark Sircus, used bicarbonate and molasses to cure prostate cancer. He had taken both by mouth on a regular basis. Healing applications, case studies cell growths, varicose veins, arthritis, ulcers, ulcers, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, psoriasis, high blood pressure, angina pectoris, weak heart, constipation, colitis (inflammation of the large intestine), strokes, nerves, pregnancy, menopause, anemia, pernicious anemia Anemia (anemia, malignant), bladder problems, difficulty urinating, gallstones Cell growths The healing effect of raw black molasses is not based on a counter-effect, but in that it supplies the cell with the natural, harmless but essential elements and thus prevents ulcers. James Persson of Palmerston, New Zealand was a broken man a few years ago and unable to do even the lightest work. He suffered from an intestinal ulcer, hardening of the heart valves, blocked bronchi, constipation, indigestion, sinus complaints and weak nerves. He lost weight and his hair turned white. His doctors couldn't help him. By chance he heard of a Mr. S. who had also suffered from an inoperable intestinal ulcer, but which could be cured within a short time with molasses. Mr. Persson decided to give it a try and was also cured, yes, his hair even returned to its original color. Mr. Persson was over 60 years old at the time. After he was able to convince himself of the healing properties of molasses, he decided to bring good molasses onto the market at a low price, as he had found that the pharmacies were very expensive for medicinal molasses that no longer contained all the active ingredients sold. Mr. Persson's work brought him into contact with many people suffering from a variety of ailments, and soon he was selling over a ton of molasses a month, and later even more. Among the many cases of ulcers that have been cured with molasses alone are those of the uterus, breast, tongue, and intestinal ulcers that have been diagnosed as malignant. A man who was unable to speak due to a tongue ulcer was cured by putting molasses in his mouth and also swallowing molasses. This confirms the view that the late Dr.Forbes Ross suggested that tongue ulcers (he called them cancer) can be cured by sucking molasses.

6 Tumors and growths in various parts of the body can be cured without any action other than ingestion of molasses and poultices of molasses, according to Mr. Persson and reports that came his way. The case of a uterine ulcer is described here in detail. The sufferer visited Mr. Persson in a desperate state. The doctors had told her that she was suffering from cancer and had no great chance of a cure. Perhaps the diagnosis was wrong, but in any case her doctor considered it very early, the patient was losing weight and bleeding profusely. Since she had heard of the molasses therapy, she ordered a quantity from Mr. Persson, which she partly took and partly used as a body-warm shower. When she visited Mr. Persson a few months later, he could hardly believe it was the same woman. The bleeding had stopped, she was back to her normal body weight and looking fresh and healthy. She felt wonderful. Mr. Persson writes: Many sufferers cough up rotten tissue after taking molasses for some time. For example, there is the man who suffers from esophageal cancer. His breath smelled terrible and he had to be tube-fed. He treated himself with molasses and was already spitting out a piece of rotten tissue the size of a hen's egg. His breathing is now back to normal. Varicose veins To cure this ugly and widespread ailment, certain American naturopaths have been using molasses therapy for some time. While this is remarkable, I recently received a letter from a 52 year old lady in Canada that is even more astonishing. She writes to me that she had such varicose veins that she could no longer straighten her legs in bed. The doctors she consulted confirmed that they had never seen varicose veins like this and the only advice they could give her was to have the varicose veins surgically removed. One day, however, a friend recommended that she try molasses. She did it without much expectation. However, after a few weeks, she woke up one day and found that the varices were gone. Arthritis The reason this chapter follows the previous one is that the same lady also suffered from arthritis. And after a while she wrote me that this painful ailment had also improved so much that she could swing her arms around as well as a boy. Here is another case: a 70 year old woman. Severe arthritis in the knee joints. Often pain and fatigue. She could only move with difficulty using sticks. Injecting the doctor with no effect. A specialist suggested surgery, but she refused. She tried molasses therapy and after a relatively short time was able to walk again without sticks. Some doctors who believe in molasses therapy have found that molasses baths mixed with creosote in addition to molasses give very good results for severely swollen joints. Editor's note: Our experience shows that adding apple cider vinegar produces the same results as creosote. Already Dr. Like many doctors, Forbes Ross came to the conclusion that arthritis is a disease of civilization due to malnutrition in vital substances. Molasses provides these missing vital substances and can therefore fight the disease. It is known that worrying can make arthritis more likely. Yes, there are cases where a shock or great worry caused a relapse. In such cases, it is especially important to continue with therapy because

7 Worry about consuming the potassium salts. Sugar cane molasses is therefore particularly indicated because the molasses from beet contains less phosphates, of which iron phosphate is particularly important as it is easily assimilated by the blood. Ulcers, ulcers People whose blood is completely healthy do not suffer from an ulcer. Especially not under chronic ulceration. According to practitioners of the biochemical system of medicine, ulcers occur only when there is a deficiency of certain mineral salts in the blood and tissues. Since molasses, if taken over the necessary time, will remedy this deficiency, it is not surprising that gastric ulcers respond favorably to them. But the location of the ulcer does not matter, as the molasses supply the blood and tissue with the necessary minerals and vitamins. Any intelligent naturopath knows how stupid it would be to treat only one localized condition. Such are only the effect and not the cause of an illness. The body can only be seen as a whole. No part may be viewed on its own. The most rational method of treatment consists of an internal and, where indicated, an external application at the same time, e.g. for external ulcers and skin problems. Dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis (psoriasis) Mr. L's hands are very red and swollen as a result of dermatitis. He was made to bathe his hands in water to which some molasses had been added and to ingest molasses a few times a day. The cure was over in six weeks. Since a skin condition must be seen as an attempt by the body to rid itself of toxins, it is wrong to apply ointment and thus rape nature. This drives the poison back into the body. It would also be wrong to apply only diluted molasses, despite its medicinal properties, because it is important that the blood and tissues overcome the condition that is responsible for the disease. Experience over a period of nine years has shown that molasses treatment is a rational and scientific method for curing skin disorders. These include dry eczema, wet eczema, some types of psoriasis that are not caused by mental disorders. High blood pressure, angina pectoris, weak heart high blood pressure, according to the biochemistry theory of Dr. Schüssler, is often associated with arteriosclerosis and, like all ailments that require treatment, can be traced back to the lack of certain mineral salts. In many cases, the most rewarding results have been achieved with the molasses treatment plus the daily intake of lemon juice. The cause of high blood pressure is that the arteries have lost their elasticity; thus the blood can no longer easily circulate and the heart has to do more work. But we know from Schüssler's Biochemical System that the arteries would not lose their elasticity if they did not suffer from a lack of the required mineral salts. These could prevent hardening. Since these salts are present in molasses, cases of high blood pressure could be cured with molasses. Molasses has components that strengthen the heart muscle. It also appears that it contains anti-seizure substances such as magnesium, since Mr. Persson could name cases of angina pectoris that have been successfully treated with molasses.

8 As far as weak hearts are concerned, Orthodox doctors have long known that brown sugar can have a beneficial effect on this condition. But raw black molasses is far better because the concentration of mineral salts in it is much higher. Mr. Persson reports on cases of men who were no longer allowed to drive because of their weak hearts. After ingesting molasses for some time, they were cured. Even hopeless cases could be cured. For example, there was that lady in England, 63 years old, who had suffered from various illnesses for four years. She had various heart attacks. She often woke up during the night with strong palpitations, pain, suffocation and anxiety. The face was hot and flushed. The doctor gave her remedies that provided temporary relief but did not cure. The patient became depressed and became dissatisfied with life. After hearing about the molasses, she tried it, and after a few weeks I received a grateful letter in which she said that she felt like newborns. No more uncomfortable conditions and no more heart attacks. Another letter from her confirmed after a few months that she had no more relapses either. She continued to take molasses and was so pleased with it that she recommended it to all of her friends. Cardiac thrombosis. The patient was a railroad worker who had to quit his job because of this ailment. He could be made to take molasses and was so pleased with the result that he was able to go back to work as a healthy man. The potassium and the other mineral salts had dissolved the blood clot. I would like to add that potassium is one of the main salts that naturopaths use to heal thrombosis. Constipation, colitis (inflammation of the large intestine). Constipation is a plague of civilization and a gold mine for the chemical industry. The obvious reason is malnutrition, i.e. a diet made from processed and degraded foods. In addition, since the invention of the automobile, people have not moved enough. As a result, the chemical industry can offer hundreds of laxatives. It is said that the constipation comes from not having enough waste products in the intestine. This thesis is only half the truth, because a large part of the constipation also comes from the fact that the bowel has lost its tone due to a lack of mineral salts. This is where molasses proves its worth, as the mineral salts it contains stimulate intestinal peristalsis. That does not mean that molasses cures every kind of constipation, especially not where the sufferer has lived for years on worthless white bread, as well as meat and cooked vegetables, from which all mineral salts were washed into the pouring stone. In such cases, other measures are necessary, but no laxatives, which will only make things worse, but natural remedies, such as. B. Flaxseed. Flax seeds should be washed through a tea strainer and taken with a little water, this will swell them, build volume, and release their oil to act as a natural lubricant. A flaxseed regimen should last at least a month to be effective. I explain these connections here because many who take molasses believe that they can still take their daily dose of paraffin; But that doesn't work, because medicinal paraffin absorbs certain vitamins, yes there are doctors who say that it is harmful at all. The value of molasses as a laxative was recognized some time ago by certain homeopaths. The instructions for use are: one dissolved teaspoon of molasses in a glass of water taken when standing up. In stubborn cases, even a tablespoon full of warm water can be used. This is in addition to the dose that is taken with meals. The course should last about 6 weeks. Constipation, colitis (inflammation of the large intestine)

9 Colitis is another disease of so-called civilization, although admittedly the name of many ailments, e.g. Geriatric diarrhea. There have been reports of healing successes with molasses in which molasses was taken internally and used as an enema the following day: Let 1 teaspoon of molasses dissolve in warm water, add ¾ liters of water so that the temperature of the enema is that of the blood . For the best result, an enema should be done every day for the first week. Every other day in the second week and every third day in the third week. Then nothing more, except for intestinal ulcers, since perseverance is indicated there. Strokes According to biochemical medicine, the majority of curable diseases are the result of a lack of mineral salts. It is therefore no surprise for those familiar with this system to hear that the consequences of many strokes could be cured with molasses therapy, since it is known that molasses is very rich in many mineral salts. Where paralysis appears - except as a result of accidents - there is a calcium, potassium and magnesium deficiency in the organism; and all these salts are contained in the raw black molasses in an easily assimilable form. The general assumption is that a person who has had a hit or two will die on the third. The following case shows that it need not be so: Mr. X., an older man, had already had two strokes and was completely paralyzed on one side of his body. After trying molasses therapy, he had the grateful result of regaining use of all limbs. To the amazement of all acquaintances, he became a perfectly healthy man. This is not an isolated incident. He was only described because this was a particularly bad case. The problem of strokes is a lot to think about, and I think it is not an exaggeration to say that people should eat more molasses and we will suffer less from this dire scourge. Nerves The effect of molasses therapy on bad nerves and war neuroses was so pronounced that the wives of soldiers who returned from the war noticed a remarkable improvement in the condition of their husbands. They expressed their gratitude for this. As for nervous children, they have benefited so much that entire families now ingest daily doses of this food in addition to their meals. Not only did this benefit their nerves, but it made them healthier and stronger in every relationship. Pregnancy, Menopause Many expectant mothers who could be persuaded to use molasses during pregnancy not only had an easy labor but also give birth to unusually healthy children. Menopause is said to be a difficult time in a woman's life, and it is often true. But in many cases this must be attributed to years of poor nutrition, a lack of mineral salts and vitamins. It is therefore not surprising to learn that molasses treatments were of great value to women in their critical years. Unhealthy fingernails, hair Dr. Forbes Ross mentions in his book on cancer the good effects of potassium salt on fragile and fragile

10 soft fingernails. The same effect was achieved with molasses. After taking this for a week or two, the fingernails had regained their strength. In many cases, the hair also improved. A fact that Dr. Forbes Ross also mentioned it in connection with the potassium treatment. Some women whose hair turned gray prematurely were charged with hair dyeing after their hair had regained its original color. Indeed, the fact that molasses will re-pigment hair opens entirely new perspectives for speculation and investigation into the real cause of premature graying where it cannot be attributed to shock or severe suffering. It shows that gray hair is the result of a certain deficiency in the human organism, which can be remedied by molasses. It would be uncertain to assume that the missing substance is potassium alone, because molasses contains many other mineral salts. Effects of molasses after or before operations A man with a large lump under the knee (diagnosed as cancer) decided to have an operation. But before that he was made to take a molasses cure. The subsequent rapid healing of the surgical wound caught the surgeon's attention. This is not an isolated case. Mr. Persson informs me that, based on the reliable reports he has received, healing after surgery is significantly faster if the patient takes molasses before and after. Anemia, Pernicious Anemia (Anemia, Malignant) Given the amount of assimilable iron and calcium in molasses, it is not surprising that it has cured many cases of anemia. The orthodox method of giving large amounts of iron supplements over a long period of time is unsatisfactory and often causes digestive problems. The reason is that iron and calcium should come from a natural source and not from an artificial preparation, no matter how artfully it was put together. As for the serious pernicious anemia, I was not surprised that Mr. Persson was able to report some cases of cure. I hardly expected anything else, as I heard from a lady who wrote to me that she was cured by taking 2 dessert spoons of black syrup twice a day on the advice of a quack. However, unrefined black molasses contains a higher concentration of mineral salts, so it should theoretically be superior to black syrup. Reports prove that it is. Bladder Disorders, Difficulty Urinating Now that molasses has been shown to make ulcers disappear and heal ulcers, there is reason to believe that the potassium in molasses prevents or cures prostate diseases in older men. Although cases of bladder problems and difficulty urinating are known, an exact diagnosis is lacking because Mr. Persson is not a doctor. At least he reports the following case: old man, great discomfort when urinating. I wanted to go to the hospital because it was no longer possible. Was made to take molasses and chew a lot of parsley.Result: he got well and did not have to go to the hospital. Other cases of bladder disease (although not necessarily related to the prostate) responded to molasses therapy, along with ingestion of lots of parsley juice. Gallstones There is one treatment for gallstones which is to take molasses in the prescribed form plus 3 to 4 teaspoons of olive oil each load. This treatment isn't as far-fetched as it is on

11 at first glance, considering the fact that copper and some other mineral salts of molasses are used by the Schüssler school of biochemistry as remedies for this painful ailment. As for olive oil, its function is obvious. It is very likely that molasses intensifies the treatment. It is also likely that molasses in the daily diet could prevent the disease. Editor's note: 6 teaspoons of molasses water and 1 teaspoon of black radish juice, taken 3 times a day before meals, also give good results. (Duration of the cure: 6 weeks, repeat as necessary!) Other health effects Molasses - calms: due to the sugar content, serotonin is released in the brain, which promotes relaxation. - is a good skin care product: the reason for this is the pantothenic acid it contains, which promotes the skin's metabolism. - Helps with coughs: Above all, molasses facilitates and supports the coughing up of phlegm. Here molasses like cough syrup can be used. You can also buy ready-made cough syrups with molasses. - Helps with iron deficiency and anemia: especially use the dark molasses, because it contains more hematopoietic minerals than any other sweetener. - helps the intestine: here, however, molasses should only be consumed with foods rich in fiber, molasses only helps here. How should you store molasses? Store as cool as possible between + 10 to 18 C. If the mass is difficult to remove from the container, it can be heated by placing the container in a warm water bath. Molasses has a very long shelf life and is therefore well suited for storage. Basically, a solution with a high sugar content (like molasses) can actually be kept almost indefinitely. Nevertheless, it can happen that a container puffs up from time to time. Then yeasts have formed which begin to break down the sugar and thereby produce CO2. Consumption recommendation: Let it melt on your tongue or dissolve 1-3 tablespoons daily in hot water (possibly coffee or tea) and drink. Suggestions for daily use: For daily use: Dissolve 1 teaspoon in 1/2 cup of hot water, then fill up to 2/3 with cold water. Drink in sips. For particularly good digestion: go to recipe w.o. add 1 teaspoon full of a yeast preparation and some ginger powder.To improve the taste, you can add lemon juice as you wish. You also have good experiences with adding molasses to gold or lemon balm tea Molasses is mixed well in a cup of warm milk. Molasses is an excellent aroma dispenser for sanoghurt (sour milk with clockwise lactic acid), milk and soy milk - and rice germs as well as cereal flakes Applesauce: For boiled, unsweetened applesauce you can stir in 1/2 cup of raw black molasses per 3 cups of applesauce. The applesauce becomes richer in minerals and gets a new, strong taste.