Sex makes men weak

What makes men hot - if you ask yourself this question, you have to be prepared for many sexy answers. After all, men have different preferences and it all depends on what we want to achieve. There are a lot of tips and tricks that can be used to make a man hot unconsciously. Sometimes, however, a shy and shy smile is enough to arouse the curiosity of the man of our desire. Pick-up lines, similar to ours, don't always go down so well. Of course men like it when we whisper hot fantasies in their ears, make dirty talk during sex or write dirty messages, but please not when you first meet them. Sometimes a shy smile is enough to draw a guy's attention to us.

You can turn him on with these tips

Tip 1: Dirty Talk - Verbal pick-ups and moaning

Men are all very similar, so we're relatively sure that the desires in the men's bed are very similar. Of course, we want to emphasize that love is more than fireworks in bed. And even if you don't want to do any of our tips, that's perfectly okay and doesn't make you a bad lover.

Most men just find it boring when a woman is as silent as a fish in bed. Men want a sexy partner in bed who comes out of herself, moans and shows what she's into - and not just at climax. Lustful "aaahs" and "ooohs" are therefore indispensable when moaning. Even better: two-word sentences when making love, such as "Do it for me", "Even deeper" or "Good" for the various positions. We don't want to reveal too much, but the result of these words and sentences will convince you - at the latest at the climax! And the crowning glory as a foreplay: nasty fantasies breathed in your ear about what else he can do with you. By the way, we can tell you more about dirty talk here >>

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Tip 2: Small messages, nice and dirty please

In addition to dirty talk, there is another variant that has to do with speech “feeling”: writing dirty text messages as a foreplay. As in bed, the same applies here: You don't have to be linguistically savvy to type your erotic message on your mobile phone. Key words are enough. During the day, a “I'm looking forward to feeling you inside me” sent to the office, makes him really horny and brings his erectile tissue to a boil. You can be sure: in the evening only the stallion remains of your office stallion.

Tip for first-time offenders: Agree to delete the message immediately. That creates trust. And you can be bolder with the choice of words for foreplay.

Tip 3: bubbles, with all the trimmings

Many women only blow the soloist - if you compare this with a band. But you make music together - the others are part of it too.

I.m plain text:Don't forget the eggs when you blow. How it works? You can do whatever you like with it: knead, put your mouth around it, pull (with your mouth or hand), lick, suckle, nibble. A little, with the emphasis on "a little", it can hurt too. Then there is really music in there. You can find even more tips for the perfect blowjob here >>

Tip 4: more cut in the crotch

Word should have got around that man on Busch cannot. On everything else in terms of intimate hairstyle, yes! From clean-shaven to lightning bolt in the crotch: how about a little variation? Sometimes a landing strip, sometimes everything gone - through this practice, erotic routine will not arise in the first place.

Tip 5: Point makes point

In some opinion, lingerie is overrated because you take it off anyway. Nonetheless: There are Lingerie that stimulates the imagination, for example 1/4 cup bras. Bras that only give shape from below and allow the breast to float freely. Very sexy! Or transparent panties that reveal the exclusion zone. Very dirty! Or burlesque corsages. Okay, let's take it back: lingerie is by no means overrated. It just has to be the right people. And these are NOT the ones with ruffles.

Tip 6: Small films as appetizers

Men are pigs. And watch porn - even (even if you don't want to believe it now) during a relationship. Suggest to your friend to watch some porn together. Through what he borrows or watches on the net or TV, you can find out which unspoken sexy fantasies arouse him.

Indeed:You have to take the initiative. After all, he doesn't want to be the pig that he isn't. In no case will he refuse. On the contrary: He'll do it with you more often in the future - for sure, because men find that really sexy.

Tip 7: Joint afterglow

Have you ever heard of the "Afterglow"? This is what scriptwriters call the scenes in which two actors lie tightly embraced in bed after supposed sex.

Men like it when we just stroke their best piece after the climax and sex. Not to arouse him, but only because it feels nice to both of them. A feeling like scratching your back. Just much better.

Tip 8: Shopping tour through the sex shop

For everyone who has never been to a sex shop: The color world is like a candy shop and yes, somehow this experience is a lot of fun. Everything yells at you brightly and colorfully. When you have acclimatized, however, your attention should be paid to observing your husband. You have to "read" it because he cannot speak openly to you here - too many people.

Assessing him is easy. Everything he picks up and shows you questioningly, he already knows (from porn). It is his test of whether you can imagine using sex toys such as handcuffs, glass dildos or penis rings in bed. A tip for your non-verbal answer: anything is allowed, from nodding to shaking your head. Just don't laugh. It is just opening up for you - and you can give your friend a lot of credit for that!

Tip 9: Unplanned pats

“You don't believe how much praise I can take,” said the Austrian political legend Bruno Kreisky once. Can i sign And would like to add an extension to the quote: What applies to the whole man in general, applies to the lower region in particular. Small, sexy touches in everyday life keep him going.

We want to say: caress him a few times a week in passing. Very briefly, just a few seconds. The effect: the whole man feels attractive and valued, the relationship remains as fresh as a spring meadow.

Tip 10: do it yourself

There is nothing more attractive than women who are at peace with themselves and their bodies. For many women, the subject of masturbation is still an absolute taboo subject, but your loved one is guaranteed to like it if you just live it out openly in front of him. That signals to him: I stand by myself and am not afraid to show that. It is also the most natural and, especially for men, the most normal in the world. We have summarized for you why masturbation in front of your partner is so sexy.

Tip 11: Toys for more variety

Men love women who are keen to experiment in bed and are visibly happy when they have no problem with small toys. These can be wonderfully integrated as a change in some positions. Sex toys have long since shed their dirty image and have become indispensable for many couples. Dildos, vibrators ... the choice is huge, the fun factor high and the chances of orgasm are not bad either. He'll love to indulge you with one of these things, and you're guaranteed to love it too - we promise.

Tip 12: spontaneity!

Spontaneous women who like to seduce are particularly popular with men. Whether in the shower, in the kitchen or during a little visit to the office - fast and very thoughtless sex is guaranteed to blow him away and make him really horny for you. Just surprise your loved one when they don't expect it. Because nothing is more unotic in the long run than routine sex and nothing is hotter than variety in sex life.

Tip 13: Put everything on the red card

We can make men really hot even without sex. And a certain color helps us with that. Red! Red has an attractive effect on men. Why it is like that? There are a lot of theories about that too. But the fact is, red lips, red shoes or red underwear are sexy and make men hot. One study found that men rated the same woman differently depending on what she was wearing. The same woman did better in the red dress than in the blue one.

Tip 14: Listless - we can do that when men no longer want sex

If sex has been a while, maybe because our partner had a lot of stress, it is time to heat up the mood again and seduce our loved one. It's best to take matters into our own hands and make our partner hot by drawing his attention to us with lots of little things. This can be an accidental touch of his member, while walking by or just coming out of the shower naked when he is guaranteed to see us. Or just follow him into the shower. But just don't talk to him about the topic, most men feel under pressure and certainly don't feel like it anymore.

Tip 15: beware of turning off

There are some things that men do in bed that we may not even be aware of. This includes, for example, boredom when making love. If you don't feel like having sex, you are welcome to say that, but not join the man as a favor. It won't be fun for either of them. The stiff board is also really unsexy - if you just lie there without moving, you won't have pleasure again (and also not orgasm) anytime soon. However, men are also turned off if we talk our mouths fluffy during sex and keep asking ourselves whether he likes it. Dirty talk, yes. Small talk, no!

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