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In places it is more a question of visual boundaries that give the property structure - in other cases, overcoming it is actually a great difficulty, which primarily serves a protective function. And the materials also play an important role in these distinctions, as innumerable implementations are possible, from classic variants to modern solutions. With Zaunsysteme-direkt you have access to a large selection of fences and can easily and simply order them online according to your ideas.

In the following paragraphs you will learn more about the little subtleties that need to be considered when it comes to fences. We offer you an excellent range of property boundaries that can be used in a variety of ways.

Fences as the ideal demarcation for any property

Of course, open structures are popular nowadays, but clear boundaries of properties with the help of fences are still important and can be used almost anywhere. A fence is therefore suitable for almost any property boundary. The most famous everyday example is of course your own home. Even with terraced houses, gardens and front gardens are often provided with fences in order to create clear boundaries. Detached houses can even fence the entire property. Even in this small field, there can be an incredible number of implementations, from small fences that are easy to overlook to large fences that serve as barriers for overcoming and for visibility. That depends entirely on your taste and the local conditions. The private areas of application can also be expanded, for example by fencing in allotment gardens or similar properties.

In addition to such private applications, countless business users naturally also benefit from the fences. For example, property boundaries of commercial properties are a large area in which to fences occur again and again. Often these are high, stable and additionally secured fences the most popular choice. And public facilities and areas are also often fenced in. From parks to schools and kindergartens to sights, the options are extremely flexible. The list could certainly go on a lot, but it has become clear that fences everyday life is indispensable and there are applications everywhere.

Our promise: You will find the right fence solution for the examples shown and all other fields at Zaunsysteme-direkt.

Fences can be selected based on many factors

With so many different fences to choose from, it is of course not easy to make the right choice straight away. As a result, it is important for our customers to be clear about what is needed in advance. When it comes to creating security efficiently, the height of the fence is crucial fences with a height of a few meters are of course much more difficult to overcome than waist-high variants. However, safety can also mean that small children and pets, for example, cannot simply leave the property, which means that variants with lower heights are also possible.

As a result, the fence height is one of the ways you can choose the right one from us fence can choose. Another option is to choose according to the model. It is also possible to vary the amount afterwards, but you can include optical and pragmatic aspects directly in the selection. Other possibilities include, for example, the inclusion of the basic materials. With wood and metal, you have two basic and at the same time very different materials at your disposal. We are happy to offer you these simple options, alternatively you can of course also simply proceed exploratively and browse through our offer. The choice is yours.

Wood is the classic material for fences

fences exist for centuries and are particularly relevant in everyday life, wood is often chosen as the preferred material here - alongside classic stone walls. Wooden fences convince with several advantages: On the one hand, the look is impressive and offers a very special charm. The natural image of a garden can be implemented well with a fence, for example. At the same time, it is never a bad idea to use organic and natural building materials, after all, they are also harmless for environmental reasons. Coupled with the right coatings, you can fences wood can then become a stable, safe and clear border of gardens and other properties over the years, which, with a little maintenance, bring unique visual advantages. This is also supported by the advantage of a wide range of processing options, which range from somewhat more massive to very economical and light fences at waist height.

Metal fences are modern and compelling alternatives

Of course there are also more modern alternatives in the field of fences. As a material, metal also has unique advantages. As a material, metal can be shaped in almost any way, regardless of which metal is actually used. Accordingly, particularly complex structures, which are all in all quite light, as only the most necessary components and struts are used, are popular. The metals are actually heavy, but thanks to their high stability and malleability, they can be easily processed into lightweight overall systems.

And this flexibility is also of great importance in processing and installation. In particular, the various wire mesh fences can often be easily extended as required and are either simply built up in individual modules or can even simply be unrolled and thus brought to the right length. Other implementations with decorative grilles or special variants, such as barrier technology and pasture gates, complete the range of metal fences.

Plastic fences are much more than just a niche product

Another material for fences is plastic. These are more stable than initially assumed, and they also offer the main advantage over the aforementioned materials in that they are particularly easy to care for. A single wash with a high-pressure cleaner or a steam jet is often sufficient, and the plastic fence can be used for years without further maintenance. The implementation options for such fences are also diverse.

The complete fence system offers everything that is needed for the ideal fence

who of "Fences" speaks, of course that means a completely finished fence in everyday life - the details that occur here on a smaller scale are quickly overlooked. A fence is a combination of several sub-components. The fence itself is the largest in terms of area, but brackets, connecting pieces and often gates are at least as important. The solution is the complete fence system. The packages are very varied, but always complete for the complete installation.

You simply select a model for this and receive various suggestions for combination. In this step, you make the decision based on the appearance and functionality alone, before you then select other factors such as height and length within the respective offer. If the altitude is particularly important to you, you can also proceed the other way round and filter out the available heights right from the start. Then the available models are presented so that you can orientate yourself here according to your ideas. So making the right decision is no problem at all with our selection.

Gates and individual fences can also be put together individually

Of course, you don't have to use complete systems. These are often productive, but also not suitable for every purpose. You can therefore buy each product from us individually and put together the right products based on your own requirements. The system-like structure is of course still relevant and helps you to find matching subcomponents. The addition of gates is of great importance, for example, since a distinction can be made between personal and vehicle gates. Additional accessories can be purchased at the same time. Of course, this also helps with the complete systems, for example if you are thinking of installation accessories.

Options for attaching barbed wire or special feet are also relevant for some, but by no means all, customers. Another important category in terms of accessories is privacy protection. Privacy is particularly relevant in densely populated areas and can be implemented very well with this. So simply choose the right accessories and order the fences in the way that makes the most sense for you.

High quality is guaranteed for all products

You do not buy a fence to use it for a few months or only seasonally. The fence should withstand wind and weather and that for years with as little maintenance as possible. To make this possible, we rely on high-quality models and brands. Many products therefore come from the Deutsche Zauntechnik network. The quality seal "Made in Germany" is only a secondary matter of course that accompanies the majority of our models. From private customers to commercial users, everyone benefits from our range of services and the unmistakable quality of the fences we offer. See for yourself!

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Choosing the right fence is not easy. As a result, we would like to recommend our free advice service to you. You can make non-binding inquiries here during the mentioned service times and submit your wishes, requirements and suggestions. We would be happy to advise you and, if desired, put together the right offer for you. With countless positive reviews from independent certification bodies, you can be sure of Zaunsysteme-direkt.de: We offer fair prices and the best quality.

Do you have anymore questions? We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to create your dream fence. With Zaunsysteme-direkt.de it only takes a few clicks!