What is the main skin care product

The 2 most important principles of skin care

In the cosmetic jungle it is difficult to keep track of things. So in this article we're trying to simply focus on the 2 most important principles of skin care. As short as possible - we promise!

What is our skin barrier?

To understand what happens in our skin when we apply cream, let's just look at the outermost layer of our skin - the horny layer, the so-called stratum corneum. It is so named because it actually consists of horny cells. So from many small, dead skin flakes. These are held together by the skin's own fats and ceramides - like a brick wall.

Our horny layer is above all one barrier - and that in two directions. Pollutants are prevented from penetrating our skin and water is prevented from evaporating from the skin in excessive amounts. A healthy skin barrier protects and protects us from skin diseases. It also keeps our skin moist.

What happens to the skin when we apply cream?

Well, it all depends. Ideally, the skin is nourished with exactly the substances that hold our skin barrier together: natural fats, moisturizers and ceramides. Our skin becomes more resilient, healthier and more radiant when using cream.

However, nowadays mainly artificial oils and fats are used. You may already have guessed it: mineral oils and silicone oils. Since they are foreign to the skin, these oils cannot become part of our protective brick wall.

If we put artificial oils on ourselves, we can only seal them. That's not so bad at first: pollutants cannot penetrate and water cannot evaporate either. In addition, this layer provides an immediate effect.

However, our skin barrier never becomes hers in this way natural strength Find. The natural skin barrier remains weakened under the airtight layer. The result: it has to be re-creamed again and again.

Strengthening the skin barrier: the most important thing in skin care

Only a strong skin barrier can protect us from skin diseases and moisture loss in the long term. That is why you should always think of the cement in our brick wall when taking care of your skin.

Every care product should strengthen the skin barrier with natural oils and the skin's own moisturizers. The best care products also contain ceramides and phospholipids, from which the skin can develop ceramides.

The skin barrier can also be weakened by conventional facial cleansing. Multi-stage cleansing rituals with aggressive, fat-dissolving substances can wash out the natural fats. This is how our brick wall slowly becomes porous.

The 2 principles of effective skin care

In short, as promised, they will now follow. The most important thing is a strong skin barrier.

  1. Support the skin in its natural functioning - skin cream + contains natural fats instead of silicones and mineral oils
  2. The way to more beautiful skin is less care: Avoid cleansing rituals that weaken your skin barrier. B. the microfiber cloth +


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