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As the foundation of all industries, manufacturing is an important part of the economy and closely related to people's daily lives. "Industry 4.0" has now reached a critical stage, computerization and industrialization will be deeply integrated. The fourth industrial revolution is characterized by the merging of digitization and automation in order to make machines intelligent, interactive and easy to use. There is an increasing growth in the market capacity of high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, and visual inspection.

1. Types of motion controls

From the perspective of the communication protocol, the motion controller, which is the core component of the automated production equipment, can be divided into the bus type and the pulse type. The pulse type is usually used in low-end devices, while the bus type has higher applicability, reliability and development. With the further development of production, the EtherCAT bus type will establish itself in motion controllers.

2. Hardware and software solution

01 Intel's industrial edge nodes have two standard specifications, Type E and Type F. The KMDA-3230, KGEC-6310 and the new addition to the JHC product line, KGEC-6320, are all designed to this standard.

02 Intel® Edge Controls for Industrial, ECI is a software reference platform whose main features include time-deterministic calculations, workload convergence, application and platform management, infrastructure management, industrial connectivity, control applications, safety and functional safety

Intel® Edge Controls for Industrial is perfectly coordinated with Intel's industrial edge node products, the KGEC-6310 and KGEC-6320 edge controllers, which can be used to develop RTOS (real-time operating system) with ECI.

The solutions for realizing RTOS are as follows

1) Debugging and developing based on the Intel ECI platform to create an open source real-time operating system Xenomai Linux or Preempt RT Linux;

2) Based on Windows 10, real-time components such as EC-Win, INTime and RTX2016 can also be integrated to optimize Windows RTOS;

3) Adopts professional and efficient real-time systems such as VxWork and QNX.

Third-party application development platforms (tools) can be anchored in the real-time operating systems mentioned above to enable users to develop terminal applications efficiently and in a differentiated manner. The development platforms (tools) for third-party programmable logic controllers usually include the Development System from Codesys and the LogicLab SoftPLC from AXEL. The application software developed requires the manufacturer's runtime system license for use

Real-time communication between the upper application software and the lower servo amplifier and the Logic IO module must be implemented using fieldbus protocols such as EtherCAT, RTEX, Profibus and CanOpen. Among them, the EtherCAT protocol is the most suitable and the most widely used

In order to implement real-time communication between the upper application software and the lower servo drive and IO module, it is necessary to use fieldbus protocols such as EtherCAT, RTEX, Profibus and CanOpen. The most applicable and widely used protocol is the EtherCAT protocol

3. Market orientation

The integration of the above-mentioned hardware platform, the real-time operating system, the application and the field bus ultimately forms an integrated software and hardware solution that can be used as a universal X86 programmable controller or controller for robots, machines and AGVs. It can be used in a variety of industries, such as: B. in robotics, in CNC machines, in semiconductor and electronics production, in digital printing, in detection control, in packaging machines and in mechanical engineering. Here are some specific uses including laser cutting machine, laser engraving and milling machine, CNC machining center, industrial multi-axis robotic arm, fire-extinguishing and explosion-proof robot, digital printing machine, laser welding machine, high-precision dispensing machine, PCB laser drilling machine, aluminum battery winding machines, injection molding machines, automatic Packaging machines and road construction machines, etc.

4. KGEC¬-6310 key features

Intel® Whiskey Lake-U CPU

Aluminum housing, fanless design

DVI-I / DP the display signal can be extended without attenuation

3 * I210 AT network chips, optional support for a variety of industrial real-time Ethernet protocols

1 * I219LM, support iAMT12.0

BIOS optimization and support for high real-time systems

1 * Mini PCIe with SIM slot , 1 * M.2,2230 E-Key

Supports software development platform (optional)

DC 12 ~ 24V, wide range power supply

Supports wall mounting and din rail mounting