What is a LinkedIn profile link

LinkedIn Business Page: 10 points for your perfect appearance

1. Create an intro with a backlink

First, create an appealing company text that you want to use as an intro with a backlink to your homepage. You can set the backlink at all relevant points in the content.

2. Ensure multilingualism

Make your content available to the user group in several languages.

3. Place keywords

Define relevant keywords for your company in order to achieve the best possible position in the SERP on Google. Place the keywords prominently in the headline, the company information and the What We Do tab. The latter is multifunctional in terms of design and can be equipped with images or videos in addition to text.

4. Use personalized URL

Create your personal profile using a vanity URL. This will make you easier to find and present you with a coherent cross-platform profile.

5. Synchronize social media presences

Synchronize all social media profiles and platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) for maximum user experience.

6. Import email contacts

In order to build up your network, you can import all contacts you have already emailed into your LinkedIn network.

7. Active and passive network expansion

You can encourage other contacts, for example, with a LinkedIn profile link in your email signature.

8. Regularly share company content via multimedia

Share relevant company content, event recaps or new products in meaningful articles on a regular basis. The perfect length of an article is 800 to 2000 words, according to LinkedIn. Powerpoint presentations, video formats, analyzes and statistics on current topics in your industry and everything that adds value to them find their place here.

9. Interaction with your followers

Encourage comments on your posts. Direct questions and call-to-actions are particularly suitable for this.

10. Monitoring

Last but not least: Test what works and what doesn't! Monitoring is the keyword for all your LinkedIn network activities. Companies can subscribe to up to 3 community hashtags on LinkedIn to always be up to date on relevant topics.

The authors of HEADWAY CAPITAL have put together further reading and an interactive how-to guide for your LinkedIn business profile for you.