What do I feed Cory Catfish

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What do you feed your Corydoras with? I've noticed that food tablets aren't exactly the real thing, as most of what the Corys suck in comes out behind the gills ...
When it comes to frozen food, they like Artemia very much, I would also like to give them white mosquito larvae, but they always float freely in the water and are therefore almost inaccessible for the Corys. Do you have a trick on how to treat the white mosquito larvae so that they don't float, but stay on the ground? My Corys are wild about red mosquito larvae, but I only feed them very sparingly. Are red mosquito larvae that bad for Corys too? I mean, I would not feed my cichlids because that has caused massive problems with a scalar, which has completely stopped eating after feeding on red mosquito larvae. Well, what is your opinion on feeding red mosquito larvae (frozen food, but thawed and washed before feeding)? Are they perhaps more suitable for corydoras than for cichlids? Or should one completely refrain from feeding red mosquito larvae?

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