What an ice cream flavor is that

For many, the best ice cream in the world

Federico Grom and Guido Martinetti opened their first ice cream parlor in Italy in 2003. They didn't do much differently than their colleagues. Only the focus was slightly different: the greatest attention was and is placed on product quality. This product fanaticism even went so far four years later and many more branches that the two founded their own farm (“Mura Mura” in Piedmont). If the desired quality is not available on the market, the raw materials are simply grown in-house. The Gelato geniuses now have a branch network of 90 locations and are now also coming to Austria. Falstaff met Federico Grom for an interview.

Falstaff: Your fans say your ice cream is the best in the world. Would you agree with that?
Federico Grom:
We don't claim that we have the best ice cream in the world, that's always a matter of taste. But we use the best ingredients available. The ice cream has to taste like the ingredients and you have to like these ingredients.

Your partner Guido Martinetti originally comes from the wine industry. Have you ever made ice cream with wine?
Yes, several times. For example, we have already made zabaione with Passito (note: Italian sweet wine), Moscato or Marsala. But we have also dared something very extravagant: In 2007 we opened our first ice cream parlor in New York, we asked the most important agencies about applications. The cheapest offer was 95,000 euros. But we only had a budget of 5,000 euros. We had to get creative and came up with a crazy campaign: For the launch, we made zabaione with Château d'Yquem. The journalists loved it and on the opening day the line in front of the shop was 100 meters long.

How many branches do you have now?
There are 90 in total. 65 of them are in Italy.

For now, you only want to supply retailers. Can we also look forward to a Grom ice cream parlor in Austria?
That would be my dream! I want to have a shop in Vienna, I've been here many times, but haven't found a suitable location yet.

Can packaged ice cream from the freezer taste just as good as freshly produced ice cream?
Yes, the recipe is almost the same. You can't compromise on the ingredients. It is often difficult to get these with our demands at a price that can also be passed on to the customers. The only difference in the recipe is the amount of sugar. During preparation, more space is left for packaged goods.

In 2007 you founded the organic farm »Mura Mura«. What percentage of your production can you cover with fruits from your farm?
It is 100 percent for peaches, pears, apricots and figs. Our farm is not only a production facility but also a test site. For example, we tested 28 different types of strawberry until we found the right one for us.

These varieties are planned for the market entry in Austria:

  • Crema di Grom (vanilla, chocolate chips, biscotti)
  • Pistacchio (pistachio)
  • Cioccolato (chocolate)
  • Sorbetto al Lampone (raspberry)
  • Sorbetto al Limone (lemon)