What are the best inedible flavors

Aroma checklist - 9 points for a better coffee aroma

When do we like coffee best? Many coffee drinkers look forward to a wonderful cup of fresh coffee even before they get up. The espresso after lunch is also very popular. And for many, a piece of cake simply includes coffee. There are enough occasions for a cup of coffee. We like it best when it is hot and aromatic.

Coffee strength and type, as well as preparation are a matter of taste and sometimes even philosophy. Some prefer the widely used filter coffee. Others prefer to celebrate coffee enjoyment with the preparation in the portafilter.

But regardless of whether you are a coffee lover or just an occasional drinker, bad-tasting coffee spoils the moment. The causes of an inedible coffee can be varied. So that you know which factors you should check if there are too few aromas in the cup or a bitter taste, we have put together a 9-point list. Sometimes the exclusion principle helps when looking for the source of the error.

However, this list can not only help you if you have already dumped your coffee in shock. Even if you think your coffee could do with a little more aroma, this list will certainly provide you with guidelines on how to maximize the aroma.