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HZA-DD: Customs warns of the dangers of New Year's fireworks
Pay attention to security when buying

04.12.2020 – 10:00

Main customs office in Dresden

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Dresden (ots)

For many people, buying fireworks is a part of the New Year. In Germany, the sale of pyrotechnic products is uniformly regulated. But in December each year at the latest, the customs authorities find out that more and more unapproved fireworks and bangers are being brought from other European countries or ordered on the Internet.

But be careful! The import of unauthorized pyrotechnics is prohibited and punishable under the provisions of the Explosives Act. In these cases, criminal proceedings are always initiated, and the fireworks and firecrackers are confiscated or secured. This also applies to transport within the European Union. In addition to the expected legal consequences, if the fireworks burn down there could also be danger to life and limb.

"Unapproved pyrotechnics are available in all variations and quantities, extremely dangerous and associated with extreme risks. Even when used correctly, these fireworks can cause serious injuries such as burns, for example due to poor processing, the unknown explosive and the amount used of limbs and eyesight or chemical burns ", says Maximilian Hempel, press spokesman for the main customs office in Dresden.

The fact that these indications are not unfounded is shown by a seizure by the main customs office in Dresden in July this year. Customs officers seized 170 kilograms of unapproved fireworks during a motorway inspection. The net explosive mass was an impressive 44.5 kilograms.

Customs therefore urgently advise you to only buy officially approved fireworks and always ensure that these are marked with the appropriate marking (CE mark).

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