What is guar gum

The guar gum powder
extracted from guar seeds a natural
High viscosity polymer.

Guar gum contributes to the look and feel of many everyday products. The guaran extracted in a multi-stage industrial process is used in various industries as an inexpensive thickening and stabilizing agent.

Guar gum can be used in a variety of formulations. For example, it works as an emulsifier because it prevents the coalescence of oil droplets or as a stabilizer because it prevents solid particles from settling. In addition, guar gum is a hydrocolloid that is particularly suitable for the production of thick pastes without gel formation and for binding water in a sauce or emulsion. Rapidly hydrating, slurrable guaran, on the other hand, is used as a drilling fluid for oil and gas drilling.

Neelkanth Polymers produces highly viscous Guar Refined Fissile Materials, Guar Gum Powder, Guar Gum Derivatives, Fast Hydrating Guar Gum and High Protein Guar Gum.

Applications of Guar gum

Frozen products

Used in: Ice cream, soft foods, frozen cakes

Functions: Guar gum serves as a regulator for crystal growth, syneresis, freezing and thawing and against moisture loss and freezer burn.

Pastry shop

Used in: Breads, cakes, pastries, cookies, chocolate, jellies.

Functions: As humectants, dough regulators, binders, film formers, gelling agents, blooming regulators, agar and gelatin substitutes, gloss agents


Used in: Cocoa drinks, fruit juices, sugar-free and alcoholic drinks.

Functions: Guar gum acts as a thickening agent in fruit drinks, maintains viscosity and improves the mouthfeel.

Dairy products

Used in: Yogurt, desserts, mousse, cheese.

Functions: It prevents syneresis during cheese formation, improves texture and tenderness, maintains color and viscosity evenly, and gives dairy products more mouthfeel.

Ketchup and pickles

Used in: Sausages, pickles, grill, salad dressing.

Functions: Improves the flowability of the sauce and reduces the separation phase between water and oil. It is also a unique cold water-dispersible, acid-resistant, free water-binding agent in salad dressings, sauces and pickles.

Pet food

Used in: Veterinary preparations, veal milk substitutes.

Functions: A good thickening, stabilizing and thickening agent for veterinary preparations. It forms gels and retains moisture.

Oil and gas drilling

Functions: Used in oil and gas wells due to its multi-functionality such as fluid and water loss control, lubrication and cooling of drill bits, shale inhibitor and solid carrier. It also has excellent solution rheology, stability, solubility and compatibility with other tools used in drilling oil wells.

Mining and construction

Used in: High ore deposits, filtration.

Functions: Propellants, flocculants or fixatives, foam stabilizers, backwater generators.


Used in: Laxatives, sustained-release drugs, vitamins, syrups.

Functions: Binding and disintegrating agents when administering tablets, in laxatives to increase bowel passage time and increase bowel movements. Suitable thickening agent in anti-inflammatory drugs.

Paper industry

Used in: Wrapping paper, handicrafts, photo paper, filters.

Functions: The cost effectiveness and properties of guar make it a useful polymer for the paper industry for better folding, tensile strength, strength and pulp hydration. At the same time it reduces the porosity and improves the surface quality.

Textile industry

Used in: Cotton, rayon, silk, wool, carpet printing.

Functions: When sizing, it increases the strength of the packaging and reduces possible breakages and dust generation in the sizing machine. It is also used as a dispersing and thickening agent for dyes in textile printing.

Tobacco industry

Used in: Cigars, cigarettes, clove cigarettes, Gutka.

Functions: Guar gum is used as a binder for fragmented tobacco fins from reconstituted tobacco. It also serves as a binding and reinforcing agent.


Used in: Toothpaste, ointments, conditioners

Functions: The high viscosity and lubricating properties give the paste more lubricity, so that it comes out of the tube without much effort. It is used as a detergent compatible thickener, lubricant, thickener and film former.

Creams & Cosmetics

Used in: Lipsticks, shaving cream, hair shampoos

Functions: As thickeners, lubricants, thickeners, detergent-compatible thickeners, protective colloids, film formers.

Protein supplements

Used in: Protein powder, whey protein, organic protein, BCAA, prebiotic drinks, weight enhancers.

Functions: Used as a humectant, dough control, and thickening agent to improve mouthfeel. Because guar gum is high in fiber, it also promotes digestive health.

Diet foods

Used in: Diet meals, diet shakes, diet snacks, organic soups, health drinks

Functions: Guar gum slows the speed of starch digestion and glucose absorption after a meal. Soluble fibers like guar gum have been shown to lower cholesterol.

Meat and fish products

Used in: Canned meat, canned fish, meatballs, chicken strips, poultry, sausages.

Functions: Used as a meat binder, lubricant, texture stabilizer and fat substitute. The additional addition of water through the use of guar gum provides a desired texture through the interaction with hydrocolloids.

Sausage covers

Used in: Packaged sausage, sausage flour, salami, gluten-free sausages.

Functions: An excellent thickener that is added to low-fat products to bind water. Guar gum makes the texture softer and makes it easier to pour into the sausage products.

Animal, fish and bird food

Used in: Dry, moist and wet animal feed, animal feed, cattle feed, bird feed, poultry feed, fish feed, vegetable protein substitute.

Functions: The high amino acid and fiber content of guar gum serves as a useful protein supplement for animals. The guar gum contains chemical compounds called saponins, which are used for antibacterial, antiprotozoal, and antifungal activities.

Other industries and many more uses

Used in: Water-based paints, explosives, photography, water treatment, fire fighting, incense sticks, mosquito coils & nets, soups, snacks, pudding, pasta, gemstones, ceramics, synthetic resin, wallpaper, polishes, battery electrolytes, printing inks.

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