What are the best sites for event posting

LinkedIn Events - a first look at the new feature

The event details at a glance with tips

Event name

There are 75 characters available for the event name.
Danger! The URL of the LinkedIn Events page is created from the name. If you change the name later, the URL remains unchanged. And don't use umlauts if you can.


What I noticed immediately: The focus is on physical events. There is no option for online events, as we know, for example, from Xing Events.
But that doesn't matter at first. In the test, I simply entered “Munich” under Location and “Online Session” under Location Details.
Simply enter the location here, LinkedIn will then show a selection window. Only places that LinkedIn knows can be entered.

Venue details

The place, i.e. the address, is then entered here. A total of 1024 characters are available. Links are not possible.

Date and Time

Of course, the date and time are also entered. Make sure to select the appropriate time zone afterwards.

Image formats

There is currently no detailed information on the image formats. The logo is apparently square. A 4: 1 aspect ratio is recommended for the header image. So width * height, in the test I used 1600 * 400 pixels. That worked wonderfully.


5000 characters are possible for the description. That's way too long in my opinion. We know: the spice lies in brevity. Later only the first part of the text will be displayed, the rest can be called up under "Continue reading". This text area is similar to the info text fields in the personal profile or on the company page. Pure text, no HTML functions possible, so no hyperlinks or the like.


A link can be entered in the "External URL" field. Here you can link to a website / landing page with event information or directly to a registration page (registration process, ticket shop).

As far as I can tell, you could work without an external login page. Because interested parties can also register directly upon invitation. I will test that in detail.

Event Settings: Public or Private

When creating the LinkedIn event, it must be determined directly whether it is a private or a public event. The main difference is that a private event can only be seen by people who have the link to the LinkedIn Events page.

Danger! This setting cannot be changed later. I fell for it, made my first event private because I thought it was something like draft mode. Thought wrong. So the event was created again, now on public.

Here is the exact explanation of the LinkedIn events settings in the LinkedIn help: https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin/answer/106264?lang=en_US