There are poisonous bats

That's how dangerous bats are

Bats are among the strictly protected animals in Germany and often live near people, but they are very shy. Nevertheless, it can happen that the nocturnal hunters get lost in the house and come close to you, for example when you are looking for winter quarters. In this case you should consider and know:

  • Bats are usually completely harmless and do not attack humans or animals. However, if you are startled or feel threatened, you may bite.
  • The animals are small, but you should still avoid encountering their pointy teeth. You should therefore not touch bats. If it cannot be avoided, wear gloves or use a towel.
  • This is how you protect yourself from what is often the real problem: the diseases that can be transmitted by bats.
  • Even if you find sick or injured bats that you want to help, you should therefore be very careful and never touch the animals with your bare hands.
  • One of the diseases that bats native to Germany can transmit is bat rabies. They are just as dangerous for humans as fox rabies. A prophylactic vaccination is therefore recommended for every direct contact.
  • You should only be vaccinated against rabies as a preventive measure if you have regular contact with bats, either professionally or on a voluntary basis. Otherwise it is sufficient to be careful not to get close to bats.