Who is the Ramayanam writer

The Books of Ramayana by Ashok K. Banker

About the author Ashok K. Banker:

Ashok K. Banker is an Indian writer and very popular in his home country. He has written several novels and non-fiction books. Now the writer took on the more than 2,000 year old Ramayana, which is next to the Mahabharata the second great national epic of his homeland.

Summary of Volume 1 of the Books of Ramayana:

The terminally ill Maharajah of Ayodhya intends to appoint his son Rama as Crown Prince. After 700 years of meditation in the forest, the seer Vishwamitra appears and declares that the kingdom is being threatened by the hordes of the demon prince Ravana. With Rama's help, he wants to perform a sacred ritual in the southern forest to avert the disaster ...

Historical or Fantasy? We may be forgiven, but we have chosen to classify the books of Ramayana in fantasy.

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The books of Ramayana in the correct order:

  1. The Prince of Ayodhya »order
  2. The Siege of Mithila »order
  3. The demons of Chitrakut »order
  4. Armies of Hanuman (not translated) »order
  5. Bridge of Rama (not translated) »order
  6. King of Ayodhya (not translated) »order