How does trimming work in a helicopter

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Normally I don't trim at all, I can see that the servo levers are 90 °, the rods are the same and both blades have 0 ° pitch at stick center.
I determine the center of gravity by laying the helicopter on its side. Then
I change the lipo until the helicopter stops in every position.
If the helicopter still tends to one side, I change the linkage. Mostly because you can't mount the ball jaws with half a turn (marking outside), I get by with one or two clicks of the trim and the helicopter hovers neutrally so that it stays in place for a short time without wind drift. The lipos are then marked so that the focus
Is reproducible. But you can also move the center of gravity a little further forward or trim it slightly so that the helicopter has the inclination to pick up speed, so you have to keep the helicopter on the spot by pulling a slight pitch. The center of gravity is neutral for 3-D figures. Easy driving by trimming is suitable for sightseeing flights, simple aerobatics and for beginners and can be adapted for every pilot and flight style. All of this can of course be seen in connection with the pitch and the cyclical settings. e.g. pitch +10 - -4 ° -10 °, cyclical 4 - 6 ° beginners, pitch + - 12 ° -14 °, cyclical what the swash plate allows before it hits the rotor shaft for advanced users - aerobatics - 3 D. And the right one Don't forget the speed.
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