The Venus Project What will people do

FB Quote Gehard Lange: The only divine commission there is - and with it the meaning of life - to recognize oneself and to see through one's own character.

You can read phase 1 and phase 2 here. Phase 3 is highlighted


On the way to putting its ideals into practice, the Venus project will test designs and plans in an experimental research city. Blueprints are in development for most of the necessary technologies and buildings in these cities. Collection campaigns are in progress to finance the construction of the first experimental city. This new experimental research city will be geared towards the implementation of the goals of the Venus project. These goals are in detail:

1. To declare the world's raw materials as the common heritage of all people.

2. Overcome the artificial boundaries that arbitrarily separate people from one another.

3. Replace national money-based economies with a global resource-based economy.

4. Stabilize the world population through education and voluntary birth control.

5. The recovery and restoration of the natural environment according to all knowledge and possibilities available to us.

6. Redesign of cities, transport systems, farms and factories from the point of view of energy efficiency, cleanliness and easy fulfillment of the needs of all people.

7. Gradually eliminate the role of corporations and governments (local, national and supranational) as decision-makers in society.

8. Share and use new technologies for the benefit of all nations.

9. The development and use of emission-free renewable energy sources.

10. Manufacture products of the highest possible quality for the benefit of the world's people.

11. The compulsory implementation of environmental studies prior to the implementation of major projects.

12. Promote creativity and motivation on all lines in order to stimulate constructive initiatives.

13. Nationalism, fanaticism and prejudice outgrowth through education.

14. The abolition of elite thinking by technical or other means.

15. Developing methodologies through scrupulous research rather than arbitrary opinion.

16. Improve communication in schools so that our language can better describe the physical characteristics of the world.

17. Not only provide everything that is physically necessary, but also offer mentally stimulating challenges in which individuality instead of uniformity is promoted.

18. And finally, prepare people on an intellectual and emotional level for the changes and challenges that lie ahead.