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Can a Dementor Kiss a Muggle (or Detonator)?

In Book 5, Stray Dementors

Sent by Dolores Umbridge

tried to kiss not only Harry but Dudley Dursley as well.

From Chapter 1, Dudley Demented

He had barely taken a dozen paces when he reached it: Dudley was curled up on the floor, arms clasped over his face; A second Dementor crouched low over him, grasped his wrists in his slimy hands, slowly, almost lovingly, appraising them, and lowered his hooded head towards Dudley's face as if to kiss him. ...

Since there is no case where a Muggle is kissed by a Dementor, we can only speculate. Since all humans, wizards and muggles, have a soul in HP, they will most likely go into a coma-like state. Will they die? Possibly.

In addition to deaths with no apparent cause of death (AK), Muggle observes comatose people with no apparent cause or illness.


What about the second part when the question?

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@ user13267, added, but pure speculation.

The dark lord

Lupine says that someone who has been kissed will not die but will go on living without their soul as the body can survive without the soul.

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