Is John Travolta gay?

Kathy Griffin: John Travolta is a clamp sister

Kathy Griffin ponders John Travolta's sexual orientation

Kathy Griffin outed the 62-year-old actor John Travolta as gay on Tuesday evening (local time) via Twitter. The 57-year-old comedienne responded to a fan question what was wrong with Travolta: "I think he's a hidden gay man with whom Kelly Preston entered into a fictitious marriage because when she dated Charlie Sheen, he I think she shot her in the arm in a car. "

In another tweet ten minutes later, she wrote that the marriage was a good deal for both Travolta and Preston. She justified it with Travolta's religion: "A gay Scientologist? The cult doesn't believe in gays. Kelly thinks: 'If he blows a guy every now and then, at least he won't shoot me in a car'."

Griffin fell out of favor in the United States that spring

Griffin is a comedian popular in the USA and has been active in the US entertainment business for decades: She played supporting roles in several films, particularly in the 1990s (for example in "Pulp Fiction" with John Travolta) and was one of the main characters in at the end of the millennium the 93-part sitcom "Susan". From 2005 to 2010 her reality show "Kathy Griffin - My Life on the D-List" was shown, most of which was filmed at her Los Angeles mansion.

In the spring of this year, she fell out of favor in the United States because the Trump opponent was photographed in a photo shoot with a bloody mask in her hand that resembled the face of the US President. Thereupon she was fired from the broadcaster CNN, in which she and Anderson Cooper had hosted the New Year's Eve show live from New York City in recent years. Donald Trump also made her life difficult: on his instructions, the Justice Department had her questioned by the FBI and put her on the no-fly list as a potential terrorist for a few months. Since she can practically no longer perform in the USA due to protests by Trump fans, she made a world tour through Australia, Asia and Europe in the last few weeks.

Rumors have been around for years about John Travolta's alleged homosexuality. For example, a pilot spoke in 2014 about an alleged love affair with Travolta in the eighties, which is said to have dragged on for several years ( reported).

Travolta himself initially dealt with the rumors quite loosely. In 2007 he claimed that he didn't care about the rumors ( reported). It wasn't until 2010 that he began, like his colleague Tom Cruise before, to respond to gay "accusations" with threats of legal action ( reported). At the same time, he had to defend himself legally against lawsuits from several masseurs who accused him of having groped them "inappropriately" ( reported). Although he was never convicted, he paid two masseurs hush money in 2013 ( reported). (dk)