Where do you store user research data

Handling Java developers

I have the same problem as I am the only usability engineer in the company and the rest are Java developers. They feel threatened because they think they need to code unnecessary or "fancy" functions.

Collect and present user data

To convince developers that the proposed features are valuable, present user research data. The key is Use data to convince them that your suggestions are not based on personal opinions . It's great when you can showcase your results often: every week or twice a week. This is how programmers become familiar with the research. Hopefully they take into account some user issues.

Programmers can be convinced that a function is worth developing by presenting it:

  • Videos of user tests - Showing that users are struggling with the UI is possibly one of the best ways to influence developers. This approach worked well for me.

  • statistics - Presenting objective data, such as the time to complete the task, should work well because technicians work a lot with numbers. Use different charts and visualizations for a better understanding

  • Compare before and now - by comparing the efficiency of new components with old or new interfaces with old is great. You can see the profits that could be made.

  • academic references - if you can show that your design has been validated by previous academic research. This way you show that you are not the one who made it up. It worked really well for me.

Be positive and prepared

Programmers will often try to refuse to develop functions, which takes a lot of effort. You should expect that and be prepared with arguments. However, try to sound positive and keep up a healthy argument. Don't be prone to negative emotions. Listen to the developers, respect their opinions, and gently share your opinion with them. Your communication and presentation skills determine the success of your company.

If possible, create a user-centric culture

If you want to use the user-centric design long term, you should create a testing culture with users. This is certainly best for the long-term success of this company.

However, I don't see how you can create a user-centered culture if you are a consultant for just a few months. This is a long process and takes many years.