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Translation of "do you still know" in Polish

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pamiętasz wiesz
Your cousin badger, you know what?
Oliver recorded that you know what?
I saw you with her yesterday you know what?
And you know what, we wanted to try to do better.
You're working on the bone fall you know what?
Yes and you know what, I taught you to French kiss.
I had to leave you you know what?
We are careful you know what?
We don't want to worry them you know what?
The light in Grandma's story you know what?
Yes, you know whatwhat we talked about the night before last?
Pamiętasz, o czym rozmawialiśmy tamtego wieczoru?
I am a blood splatter expert you know what?
We wanted to help each other you know what?
Vitto, the band manager, you know what?
With you, essam, you know what?
I was in New York you know what?
You chose the island you know what?
Dad gave you the exact same sermon you know what?
What happened to Zissi you know what?
Skyler, you know whatthat I wanted to drive that day?
Skyler, pamiętasz, jak chciałem wtedy prowadzić?
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