How do you spend your loans

Reschedule credit

Effective from 1.75%. Annual rate

Merge several loans with follow-up financing and benefit from a favorable rate.

That is why a loan rescheduling is worthwhile

Lower rate

By rescheduling, you usually benefit from a lower monthly rate.

Full overview

Just one single installment and one contract for all current loans.

Optimize conditions

With the new loan agreement, you can flexibly adjust your terms and installments.

What does loan rescheduling mean?

Merge loans with ease

Debt rescheduling pays off: We take over your current loans with follow-up financing. You will receive a new loan agreement from TARGOBANK under which all of your current loans are grouped together. This means that you only pay a single and possibly smaller monthly installment. In addition, your interest rates can potentially decrease.

Pooling loans: it's that easy

Specify the loan amount

Tell us the total outstanding amount of your current loans that you would like to reschedule.

Select the new loan amount

Enter the loan amount that you would like to have in addition to your previous loans.

Apply online

During the online application, we will ask you for the exact remaining balance and the IBAN of your loans to be rescheduled.

Frequent questions about debt rescheduling

What are the advantages of debt rescheduling at TARGOBANK?

With loan rescheduling, your liabilities from other loans and other banks are pooled. Your previous loans thus run through a single joint contract - and you also benefit from a lower monthly rate. With the new contract, you can adapt your conditions according to your needs. The TARGOBANK takes care of the entire process free of charge.

What does the loan rescheduling cost?

The TARGOBANK transfer service is free of charge and free of charge. The bank to be replaced incurs prepayment interest. You can find details on this in the loan agreement of the relevant bank.

What information and documents are required for the application?

  1. "Transfer" form with IBAN and amount for the cash payment and with IBAN and amount (s) for the credit redemption (s)
  2. "Transfer power of attorney" form with IBAN for credit redemption (one power of attorney for each redemption) - enables TARGOBANK to redeem the loan at the other bank so that your account can be closed there.
The new loan agreement, the transfer order and the transfer order or transfer orders must be signed. Balance confirmations, credit account statements (not older than 4 weeks) and your third-party credit agreements are helpful but not absolutely necessary for processing. Please make sure that the IBAN and the amounts are correct when you request your cash advance or transfer amounts. The IBAN for your cash portion (current account) must not match the IBAN of the credit account.

What do I do if I don't have an IBAN?

Debt rescheduling is not possible without specifying an IBAN. If you have your account number and bank code, you can easily add the IBAN by hand.

What happens if the transfer fee is too high or too low?

If the redemption amount is too high, the excess amount paid will be transferred to your current account by your previously responsible bank. If the transfer amount is too low, TARGOBANK will increase the amount by a maximum of 15%. The cash portion is reduced by this amount.

Any questions? We will advise you personally

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Best installment loan

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Secure lower interest rates and better conditions with a loan rescheduling on the TARGOBANK online loan.

Finally replace the old refrigerator, buy the child a new bike or send the car for repairs that are long overdue: a small injection of cash is enough in many everyday situations to improve your own life situation. If you want to go easy on your overdraft facility or for other reasons do not want to use your savings, a small loan, often also called a mini loan, is a good option. The TARGOBANK online loan is a non-earmarked installment loan that is available for small sums.

How does the rescheduling of a loan work?

With a loan rescheduling, you take out a new loan to repay one or more existing loans immediately. Convenient and fast: you can calculate the TARGOBANK online loan directly online with just a few clicks. In the online application, you provide information on loans that are already open. To do this, first determine how high the remaining debt is on your existing loans. You can transfer the total of the outstanding loan amounts to an online loan from TARGOBANK. In this way, you receive a single loan that enables you to pay off the existing loans immediately. In the future, you will only pay a fixed monthly rate back to the TARGOBANK.

What should you watch out for when rescheduling a loan?

  • For an installment loan that was taken out by June 10, 2010, the banks may demand the compensation that is agreed in the contract. Read the terms of your contract, there may be no early repayment penalty.
  • For installment loan agreements that were concluded from June 11th, 2010, the maximum amount of the early repayment penalty is one percent of the remaining debt. If the remaining term of the installment loan is less than twelve months, the amount of the compensation is even limited to 0.5 percent of the remaining debt.
  • These rules do not apply to real estate loans and mortgage lending.

The TARGOBANK - your reliable partner

  • With the appropriate credit rating, payout after a maximum of seven days
  • Loans from as little as € 1,500
  • Maximum loan amount of € 65,000
  • Up to 96 monthly installments
  • Interest rate depending on the credit rating
  • Payment pause possible under certain conditions
  • Upon request, the first monthly installment is only due after 89 days
  • Complete application online
  • Convenient loan application with video identification
  • Free special repayment of up to 50 percent of the remaining debt is possible at any time
  • If required, insurance against payment default in the event of incapacity for work, unemployment or death is available

Calculate your credit now or make an appointment for a personal consultation

At TARGOBANK you enjoy maximum freedom and receive exactly the support and advice you want, because our service adapts to your life and your ideas. If you want to reschedule your loan, you can easily calculate the interest rates and terms online yourself at any time. You can also submit your application conveniently online or in person at a TARGOBANK branch on site, without the need for correspondence.

In addition, our experienced employees are there for you by phone. Here you will find answers to all your questions. If necessary, our telephone contact will arrange an appointment for you with a personal advisor in one of our branches. You are welcome to send us your questions and requests by email. We know that opening times and waiting for appointments limit life - that's why you decide which service you want to use with online loans.

For this non-binding calculation example, the interest rate of 1.75% is effective. Annual interest used. Your actual interest rate may differ. Please note our 2/3 example according to § 6a PAngV.