Best app for scanning prices on IPhone

QR code app: The 3 best free barcode scanners in the test

If you scan QR or barcodes with your smartphone, you will receive a lot of information. We took a closer look at the three best free QR code apps for iOS and Android.

Life is becoming more and more digital. You can now do countless things with your mobile phone. There are QR codes and barcodes to help you with this. If you scan them in, they redirect you to certain pages, serve as timetable information or offer further information, for example on food. Paying via QR codes is now also possible. While Apple's iOS operating system has a QR code scanner integrated in the camera, Android users have to download an app. However, in addition to conventional code scanning, numerous applications offer other functions that are also helpful for Apple users. We introduce you to the best free barcode scanner apps for Android and iOS.

QR code scanner - The easy one

The free app QR code scanner is a QR code reader, barcode scanner and code generator in one. It can read all types of code such as text, URL, ISBN, contact, calendar, email, location, WiFi and many other formats. For the scanning process, you simply have to open the application, hold the camera over the code and the scanner will recognize the document. If a URL is included, it can be opened directly in the browser. If the code only contains text, it appears immediately.

In addition, the application can easily generate your own QR codes for you. Whether for an e-mail address, a message, a location, an event, a contact, a telephone number, a text, a URL or for WLAN: Press the point in the menu Create, select the desired medium, enter all the required information and you have your own QR code. The advertising that popped up from time to time bothered us a little. QR code scanner is only available for Android.

  • Easy handling
  • Create your own codes

You can find your new QR code app hereQR code scanner:

QR & barcode scanner - The safe one

The QR & barcode scanner TeaCapps impresses above all with its simple operation. If you scan a code, the application has all the necessary information about the content ready. Supported in this QR & barcode scanner all common barcode formats such as QR, data matrix, Aztec, UPC, EAN, Code 39 and many more. It is particularly practical when scanning that the app is directly connected to the online services eBay, Amazon and Google, so that you can buy the product immediately if you wish.

Security was the top priority for the developers: With Chrome Custom Tabs with Google Safe Browsing technology, you are always protected from harmful links and you also benefit from shorter loading times. We also liked the flashlight function, thanks to which you can scan codes even in darker surroundings. And if you need your own QR code, the application offers you an uncomplicated way of creating it with the integrated QR code generator.

  • High security
  • Direct link with Ebay, Amazon and Google
  • Create your own codes

You can find your new QR code app hereQR & barcode scanner:

Barcoo - The all-rounder

The free barcode scanner app Barcoo recognizes any QR or barcode as well as data matrix, EAN and ISBN and thus helps you to save. Because if you scan a code with the application, you will not only receive information about the product, but also information about where it is cheapest to buy it in your area. That worked out excellently for us in the test and within a few moments we had all the information at a glance. It also offers Barcoo Reviews of the goods. But that's not all: You will also see nutritional values, sustainability information about the manufacturer and information on the lactose content.

The barcode scanner app is also equipped with the latest brochures from Kaufland, Lidl, Norma, Netto, Rewe, Aldi and Media Markt. You can find opening times, addresses and telephone numbers for all branches. If you have a favorite shop, you can mark it in the application so that you can find offers there under the menu item Darlings see immediately. We also liked the Scan history, where you can recall all your scanned codes including the products or information.

  • Easy handling
  • Price comparisons
  • Lots of information directly in the app

You can find your new QR code app here Barcoo:

Conclusion - our test result

Every QR code app presented here fulfills its purpose. You can easily scan QR or barcodes with the applications and you will immediately be redirected to specific information or links. The app offers a good overview QR code scannerwhich scores above all with its uncomplicated handling. QR & barcode scanner TeaCapps is particularly convincing in terms of security, as it is protected from harmful links. Our test winner is Barcoo. The barcode scanner app is not only easy to use, but also offers a lot of information that will make your everyday life easier.