How big is a queen-size mattress

What is a queen size bed?

Queen size bed

How big is a queen size bed? What is the difference to a king size bed? In this article we have the answers for you:

A royal bed for the lady? Often you get to know the queen-size bed on vacation or while traveling, in a hotel the type of bed in the room is often specified. Many think by the word Queen size bed (also only queen size) then immediately to a royal bed, in which you rest like a nobleman.

However, the English terms Queen and King Size refer to the Bed size and not on royal origins. Smaller double beds are usually called queen size, the larger ones are called king size. You can of course still sleep like a king in an individually furnished queen-size bed.

How wide is a queen-size bed?

When you come back from a trip to America, you are sure to have something of that Queensize Bed heard or even slept well on it in a hotel. When looking for such a bed in Europe, you have to note that in America the beds are measured with a different dimension. Instead of centimeters, a bed is given in inches.

The queen-size bed therefore has a size of 60 by 80 inches, which corresponds to European dimensions 152 × 203 centimeters. Since this size does not exist in Germany, the 140 × 200 bed and the 160 × 200 bed are traded as common queen-size beds in this country. A bed that is 160 x 203 cm will likely be hard to find here too. The 160 centimeter wide bed is the original queen size.

What is the difference between a king-size and a queen-size bed?

The main difference between a king-size bed and a queen-size bed is the size of such beds. If you are looking for a rather small bed, choose an American queen-size bed. Kingsize bed means a bed size that measures 76 × 80 inches, which corresponds to 193 × 203 centimeters.

Such things begin in this country King size beds but with a bed width of 180 centimeters. This measure corresponds to the one we love Double bed 180 × 200, which, as a king size bed, offers a spacious sleeping area for couples. Both the queen and the king size bed are also available with a length of 220 instead of 200 centimeters.

Queen size bed vs. double bed

It is not always clear whether it is a queen-size bed or a double bed. A regular double bed is 140 cm to 220 cm wide, but the most common is 180 cm. It is similar with a queen-size bed. Width and length are 140 cm and 200 cm, respectively. This size is also called a French bed in Germany.

Various queen-size beds

In Central Europe there are different types of beds under the category of queen-size beds. The most prominent representative of such beds is still that Box spring bedwhich is most similar to the American model. The box spring bed variant is also often found in hotels, which is why we often speak of hotel beds here. Such a box spring system is usually a Complete bed, which no longer needs an additional slatted frame or an additional mattress. The frame is sold including all individual parts. The American and Scandinavian box spring beds generally do not have a slatted frame, instead a box with springs under the mattress provides the necessary Suspension.

With all other bed types like that Solid wood bed, Upholstered bed and the Metal bed, a mattress and a slatted frame still have to be configured. Solid wood beds, for example, offer a naturally solid ambience that is particularly robust and durable. In addition, the material wood ensures a pleasant room climate. A bed frame made of wood is also antistatic and thus dust-repellent.

Metal beds, on the other hand, quickly become statically charged, which leads to increased dust deposits. However, these beds can easily be wiped clean. They convince with a robust design or with elaborate decorations.

There are many different types of upholstered beds Color variations, they also exude elegance and cosiness. A nice headboard with different Expansion options make solid wood and upholstered beds a real eye-catcher.

A queen-size bed from the shop

Do you sleep like in hotel beds with a queen bed? Since a classic queen size consists of a continuous mattress, we would like to recommend the 140 × 200 slatted frame with the 140 × 200 mattress to match the 140 × 200 bed. The 140 × 200 bed is extremely popular because it can be used as a Single bed, as well as Double bed can use.

If you have a little more space in the bedroom, we recommend the queen-size bed 160 × 200 with a corresponding slatted frame 160 × 200 and a mattress 160 × 200. Of course, instead of the small queen-size bed, you can also opt for the large king-size model or another wide bed.

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