Velcro is a kind of glue

A short guide to using our products

Although each product contains a separate instruction manual, we thought that a compilation of some general information would be helpful for orientation during your purchase.

Velcro tape self-adhesive
These are the ones with the ‘self-adhesive back‘, namely our self-adhesive Velcro tape, our self-adhesive Velcro Extra Strong and our super-thin Velcro points from the VELCRO® brand for everyday use. They're great for smooth surfaces and really easy to use. Read on and see for yourself:


  1. Make sure that the surface is clean and dry so that the adhesive can develop its full adhesive force. Use a cleaning agent that does not leave a film or oily residue - our experts recommend alcohol-soaked pads and they are usually right.
  2. The adhesive layer has a protective film. Simply pull it off and press our product firmly into place.
  3. To allow the adhesive to develop its maximum adhesive force, give it a break of 24 hours. Then you can get started.

If a normal adhesive is simply not enough: Our Velcro Extra Strong, Self-Adhesive, is 50% stronger than our normal Velcro tape, Self-Adhesive and gives you the opportunity to take on larger projects and challenges.

Good to know:
We do not recommend using products from our family of self-adhesive Velcro strips on textiles, dashboards, flexible vinyl or for use underwater. While we love to soak up the sun, the adhesive can soften and tire if it is continuously exposed to direct sunlight - and of course we don't want that.

For textile products

Velcro to sew on
The clever way to make your handicrafts easier: The Velcro® tape for sewing on by the brand VELCRO® can be used instead of buttons, zippers, snaps and all other fiddly things to connect your textiles in a new way. Should they get a little dirty, you can just put them in the washing machine or dry cleaner - yes, we've thought of everything!


  1. Take a tape measure and cut the strip to the length you want.
  2. Sew the tape along the edges by hand or with the sewing machine and then secure it with a lock stitch.
  3. And that's all ... Now you can show all your friends your clever craftsmanship.

Good to know:
If you're conjuring up some really chic items of clothing, make sure that the hook side (the rough side) is not facing your skin. Remember to close the closures before washing to prevent lint and other nasty debris from building up on them.

Velcro tape for sewing on and sticking on
As a super cross between our innovations of the Velcro tape for sewing and the self-adhesive Velcro tape, you can use the Velcro tape for sewing and sticking the brand VELCRO® textiles on hard surfaces, which gives you more scope for your creative projects.


  1. Cut off as much as you need for your purpose.
  2. Sew the fleece (the soft side) of the ribbon by hand or with the machine at the desired point on the textile fabric and secure it with a lock stitch.
  3. Clean and dry your desired surface, peel off the protective film from the back of the hook part (the rough side) and carefully press it into place in the desired place.
  4. Time to watch an episode of your favorite series for the glue to harden after an hour.
  5. Here we go!

Good to know:
We do not recommend using the adhesive backing on textiles, dashboards, flexible vinyl, or anywhere underwater (Dear Mermaids, we're sorry). It can also be a little tricky sewing on the self-adhesive tape. Therefore, think carefully beforehand where you want to attach the tape - it is not recommended to peel it off and reattach it. Vitamin D is good for us, but the adhesive can soften if it is continuously exposed to direct sunlight.