What is the secret of Indian names

Shiva Shiva!

The book gives a little insight into the vast world of the Indian gods, of whose huge number nobody can keep track of. What they all have in common, however, is that they are not seen as rulers, but as lifelike, dear guests and are invited and welcomed to meditation with rituals and gifts / offerings and a farewell ceremony. These rituals and modifications, some of which are kept very simple, make it all the more easier to indulge in meditation. The most famous deities are presented, including their stories and mythology, their qualities (e.g. in Brahma: creativity, basic trust, willpower), their power energies, their chakras and special and general mantras and offerings to welcome them. Moving a picture of the deity at the end of the meditation as a farewell and sign of the guest's departure was particularly impressive, because it illustrates once again the completely different way of dealing with and viewing deities than the submissiveness and humility that we have practiced for so long. I also find the description quite amazing that everyone can freely choose their own little altar and their own rituals, that everyone experiences a different point of view and interpretation. Conclusion: A very nice book, with appealing photos, that gives the reader a glimpse into the almost infinite Indian gods, which stand for joie de vivre, energy, wisdom, strength, new beginnings and much more and, as an invited guest, help you get closer. Lots of instructions, rituals and tips for meditation on individual gods and what they stand for.